West Coast Red Bull Butter Cup Finals


Lake Tahoe, CA ~ April 14, 2010 ~

Landing on the last of the three West Coast stops, the Red Bull Butter Cup series made Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort, CA its home for a warm, overcast day of buttering. The West Coast stops play by a few different rules, as each rider accumulates points at each event, then at the culmination of the three-part series, the winner with the most points will be crowned the West Coast Red Bull Butter Cup champion.

Red Bull Buttercup Sierra at Tahoe, CA April 10, 2010

With one of the best courses of the year, a super long landing and three distinct sets of features, the scene was set for the final series stop of the year. For each of the West Coast stops, a “Reality TV” style elimination is used for the finals, eliminating one rider every five minutes until there is only one champion left sliding. In the Women’s division, Tashi Green and Lynsey Ashdown have been battling since Green made a big splash at the Northstar stop, this stop however, found Ashdown coming in 2nd just in front of Green in 3rd. Danyale Patterson, who has been dominating the series, secured a strong 1st place finish and pocketed a cool 500 dollars in cash.

Red Bull Buttercup Sierra at Tahoe, CA April 10, 2010

A volatile field in the Ams division made things interesting on the slopes between Andy Blanchard and Nate Zavelta, coming in 3rd and 2nd place respectively. However, for total series rankings, Andy Blanchard came in 3rd, Tanner Salsman came in 2nd and a fierce John Weatherly won both the stop and the series with a dominant point total, bringing home a new Apple iPad.

Red Bull Buttercup Sierra at Tahoe, CA April 10, 2010

When it came time for the Pro division, it was a very clear story on who would come out on top. Mark Wilson and Scott Hoffman came in 3rd and 2nd respectively for the Sierra-at-Tahoe stop. When it came time to tally the total series points for the pro division, Dakota Whitaker came in 3rd and Mark Wilson came in 2nd. But the real champ was Nial Romanek as he not only won the event, but the West Coast series as well. Romanek used his switch nose press to tail press 180 out to push him into a commanding first place finish netting him 750 dollars in cold hard cash.

The judges were very impressed with Romanek’s riding saying, “Nial rode really well, pressing everything. We couldn’t tell if he was riding regular or switch most of the time.” The course was so dialed that the Sierra-at-Tahoe staff won the “Best Set Up” award that netted them an end of the year party hosted by Red Bull.

Thanks to the Sierra-at-Tahoe park/event staff, Oakley, and Ride Snowboards for another great event. To check out photos, videos and results go to www.redbullbuttercup.com. The Red Bull Butter Cup contest series started on the East Coast but has now expanded throughout the U.S. in only its second year. Red Bull Butter Cup is all about how much style snowboarders can spread onto the custom-made features also known as “butter pads.” Riders jib, bonk, tap and slide across the pads, making sure to lay it on thick with a lot of smooth buttering. Regional athletes battle it out in jam format sessions, carving and spreading the snow like butter for cash and prizes. Overall style and creativity will help the cream rise to the top, so be ready to spread it on in this purely pasteurized competition!