WeAreTheSuperlativeConspiracy WeSC- Presents
October 1st, 2009

New works by Vanessa Prager & Lizzy Waronker

(Los Angeles)- Sept. 21th, 2009- WeSC¹s ongoing Weactivst series, Great
Things Together, will unfold it¹s 4th event, October 1, 2009, at the WeSC
concept and US flagship store, on Robertson Blvd. Little Dream, a dual
artist installation and exhibition, featuring the art of Weactivst Vanessa
Prager and Lizzy Waronker, is an ³extremely temporary experience², existing
one night only, in a reverse environment created by the artists.

Great Things Together, which has previously featured a group show, including
works by Weactivists Jason Lee, Peter Stormare and Sage Vaughn, a
³Graduation² in celebration of Weactivist Benny Fairfax, and a release party
for Amy Gunther¹s ³Sailor² headphones, is meant to celebrate and promote
WeSC¹s Weactivists- the artists and characters that make up the Superlative

Little Dream, will invite guests, for one night only, to immerse themselves
in an inside-out world of art and make-believe, entering an outdoor
terrarium, conceptualized and installed by Prager and Waronker. The largely
paper mache installation- inspired by Prager¹s dream life and Waronker¹s
childhood wanderings-is the third event hosted at WeSC Robertson location.
Join the artists in their magical ephemeral forest that envelopes paintings
by Prager and assemblage sculpture by Waronker in an otherworldly,
interactive, landscape.

Little Dream will feature music by DJ Chris Holmes as well as drinks and
snacks provided by, Asahi Beer, and Whole Foods Beverly Hills.
For information on WeSC-WeAretheSuperlativeConspiracy, or the WeSC series
Great Things Together please contact Jessie.Cohen@WeSC.com.
Please contact Penny at Firefly Media, (323) 874-0776
penny@firefly-media.net for more information on artists Vanessa Prager and
Lizzy Waronker.

Vanessa Prager: Prager’s new series draws inspiration from her grandmother¹s
old family photographs. Combined with her obsession for vivid colors, stark
lighting, and surrealistic object placement, the sugar-coated reality is
shown to have a dark and eerie side to it. The resulting images seem to be a
collision of nature, ³modern living² and a world seen through
rainbow-colored glasses.
Lizzy Waronker: Waronker¹s work is shaped by her childhood which she spent
exploring the secret passageways and hidden rooms of her family¹s rambling
New England home.  It was here – amongst the taxidermy, the memento mori,
and the ancestral artifacts – that she first understood the power object has
on imagination and, accordingly, reality. Her assemblages use vestiges of
this past in combination with the new, the found, and the broken, to invent
a magical world where realities are altered, hidden truths are revealed,
wounds are healed, and the course of the future is re-aligned.

WeSC-WeAretheSuperlativeConspiracy: The name WeAretheSuperlativeConspiracy
symbolizes what WeSC as a brand and company represent: a group and family of
good, competent people working toward the same ideal. Offering 3 distinct
line segmentations for both men and women, (Core, Street and Premium) and
including a full range of collection pieces, accessories, premium denim and
headphones, WeSC is a recognized leader in street-fashion. WeSC was founded
in 1999 and is today available in more then 20 countries.

Jessie Cohen
PR and Media Relations

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