After many rounds of board meetings and discussions with focus groups, we made a decision. That decision was that we better look at some pie charts and graphs, and then analyze that data and crunch some numbers to see what the best feature benefit combination was to maximize sales.

Then, we made some prototypes and put them on snow and of course in the wind tunnel. We heard all the big guys have wind tunnels now. Then we analyzed costs some more, and then we did some more focus groups with key retailers and sales reps and then we made a couple of rounds of changes to the second round of prototypes to identify key demographic penetration.

Then we talked to key market influencers to determine their first impression retention of the key selling points that the sales team would be coordinating during their presentations. It was finally time to get things out to market,so..

Then we just scrapped that whole process and started a board company that reflects what snowboarding is all about.

At Weekend, we believe your snowboard should be coveted, and not a commodity. All of our boards are individually hand numbered and extremely limited edition. Once they are gone they are gone, and that is just the way we like it.

For 2010, we have teamed up with legendary illustrator Steve Nazar, creator of the iconic 1980’s Town and Country Surf Designs characters to illustrate the Lodge Series. Each board is hand numbered, and only 150 of each size will be made.

All of our boards are handmade in the mountains of Austria by craftsmen (not factory workers) who care about what you are riding, not by someone that has never even seen snow in their life. What a concept that is, right?

Like any company worth their salt, we want to have a team that represents the true meaning of the brand. So our first addition was Jackson Hole ripper Mark Carter. For those in the know, Mark is a backcountry workhorse who lays it down whatever the situation and we are damn proud to have him. Mark is filming for Absinthe and can be found trolling the Jackson Backcountry on the Weekend Warrior™ snow machine daily this winter putting together his part.

“I’m stoked to be involved with a brand that is run by snowboarders and has a positive direction” adds Carter, “plus the Lodge is a freestyle machine, so that helps.” Carter is riding board numbers 165,151,4,9,10,11,12, and 13 for those that feel the need to know. We know who you are.

The remaining 442 Weekend Snowboards will be available this Fall at finer retailers of snowboards worldwide. Sign up for updates, various spam and useless e-mail forwards at Weekend Snowboards.com as soon as you get a chance.