A feature length documentary film

Narrated by Jason Lee | Directed by Orlando von Einsiedel & Jon Drever | Produced by Grain Media

Global Premiere · 31.01.2013 · Innsbruck–Austria · Opening of Air & Style


Sherman Poppen · Chuck Barfoot · David Seoane · Tina Basich · JP Walker · Todd Richards · Jake Burton Kier Dillon · Danny Davis · Tom Burt · Brad Steward · Tom Hsieh · Mike Chantry · Mike Basich

Regis Roland · Reto Lamm · Norm Saylor · Marcel Looze · Christophe Dubi · Danny Burrows · Gigi Rüf Ståle Sandbech · Trent Bush · Gian Simmen · Terje Håkonsen · Trevor Graves

burn's We Ride is a compelling cinematic journey into snowboarding's unique history; from the birth of the humble snurfer to a multimillion dollar global industry… 

Christmas Day, 1965. In his garage in the suburbs of Muskegon, Michigan, a father decides to tie two basic skis together so his young daughter can enjoy riding on the seasonal snow…

Fast forward to the present day and snowboarding is not only an Olympic sport, but a multimillion dollar global industry. Top riders are classed as international celebrities, competitions are world-class events and riding pushes the limits of human capability. This rapid and radical evolution of snowboarding takes place during several years of cultural upheaval, revolution and change. Along the way there has been drama, disputes, danger and above all, remarkable achievement, passion and creativity.

Taking viewers on a journey spanning over four decades, burn's We Ride brings together over 20 of snowboarding's pioneers for the first time to examine the sport's defining moments and most notable characters. Gaining unrivalled access to the legends of snowboarding, We Ride digs deeper than ever before into the fascinating minds of the people who were there to witness history unfold.

We Ride interweaves never before seen footage with sequences of culture, music, fashion, rebellion and snowboarding triumph, to tell the sport's history in a fresh and innovative way.

burn shares the values of snowboarding – creativity, passion, freedom of self-expression, and with that we are celebrating the progression of the sport, with a view to inspiring the future.




Grain are one of the UK's leading action sports content providers and in the past few years have filmed in over 70 countries, producing TV commercials, documentaries, music videos and winning numerous awards along the way. Directors Orlando von Einsiedel & Jon Drever have directed We Ride.

ABOUT burn

burn energy drink is Coca-Cola's global energy brand. burn embodies passion, creativity and freedom of self-expression; strong values that are shared with the snowboarding community. Commencing in 2009, the burn snow projects celebrate the progression of snowboarding with a view to inspire the future.