We Live Forum – Mission Objectives

For those who are already part of the exclusive We Live Forum squad, you have a lot to look forward to this year! And for those who aren't but work at a shop that deals Forum, Special Blend and Foursquare, you best talk to your local rep to see about getting on board.

This winter, We Live Forum is expanding its program by including a list of member-only Mission Objectives that, if fulfilled, will get the WLF member to become even more involved with the brands and win a bunch of rad shit including product and trips to The Streets at Seven Springs, High Cascade Snowboard Camp, and even SIA in Denver, CO. In return, the WLF crew has the opportunity to help mold and shape three of the most iconic brands of snowboarding, and inevitably have a good time in the process. So get in touch with your local rep and join us.

For more on each of the brands, go to www.forumsnowboards.com, www.special-blend.com and www.foursquareouterwear.com. For more on We Live Forum, talk to your local Forum rep. Cheers to an amazing season!