Watch the Frontline Rail Jam Webscast This Saturday

It’s finally time for the annual FrontLine Rail Jam to go down at “Sergels torg”, in the heart of Stockholm! The FrontLine Rail Jam is Europe’s biggest urban event, and the riders list this year is stacked. Dudes riding in this years event trying to get that 5,000 Euro purse are :

Eiki Helgason (ISL)
Jaeger Bailey (USA)
Halldor Helgason (ISL)
Denis Leontyev (RUS)
Gulli Gudmundsson (ISL)
Dylan Alito (USA)
Ethan Morgan (GER)
Wojtek Pawlusiak (PL)
Zach Rawles (USA)
Toni Kerkelä (FIN)
Marc Swoboda (AUT)
Austin Julik-Heine (USA)
Ludwig Lejkner (SWE)
Len Roald Jörgensen (NOR)
Kareem El Rafie (SWE)
Flo Corzelius (AUT)
Kas Lemmens (NL)
Jonte Lindhe (SWE)
Felix Engström (SWE)
Laurent Duhalde (FRA)
Sebastian Landmark (SWE)
Stepan Rokos (CZ)
Hans Åhlund (SWE)
Einar Stefansson (ISL)
Dominik Wagner (AUT)
Artem Smolin (RUS)
Jesse Rontti (FIN)
Rachida Aoulad (NL)
Tove Holmgren (SWE)
Dina Trineland (NOR)
If you don’t make it on time, you totally blew it… Nah, just kidding, the full webcast will be uploaded on to be re-watched at any time you like. So tune in this Saturday, October 12th to Europe’s biggest and baddest urban event, the FL RAIL JAM!
15:00 CET
14:00 GMT
09:00 EST
08:00 CST
07:00 MST
06:00 PST
Check out the video from last years event:

More info in the flier below: