Warren Miller And Burton Produce Learn To Ride Video

Imagine if learning to snowboard could be accomplished by renting a video, popping it in the VCR, sitting back on the couch and because of some mystic cosmic phenomena, the thought of pulling off a McTwist to backside 900 while 18 feet out of the pipe actually made sense. If such a video existed it could only come from the two pioneers in their fields, Burton Snowboards and Warren Miller Entertainment.

Burton Snowboards, the world’s largest manufacturer of snowboarding equipment and apparel, and Warren Miller, one of the world’s leaders in snow sport photography, have combined their expertise and created Learn To Ride, a creative, captivating, cinematic compilation that offers key tips for riders of all levels. Although it is does not promise a backside 900, Learn To Ride focuses on Burton Snowboard’s teaching philosophy and learner specific equipment, which together make up the company’s Learn To Ride Program.

Traditional lessons and equipment can make learning how to snowboard more frustrating than fun. Burton, recognizing this, developed its LTR (Learn To Ride) program with products featuring specific performance characteristics designed to make it easier to help students reach their goal of learning how to snowboard. Burton’s LTR equipment, features two innovative boards dimensioned and flexed to let riders carve turns as soon as possible. Students start with the LTR, an ultra soft, twin-tip board with advanced side-cut and extra long transition zones to get riders used to the feel of linking turns. When they have mastered this board they advance to the Cruzer, a longer, stiffer yet manageable board that is the spring board to intermediate riding.

To complement Burton’s LTR Program, Warren Miller’s Learn To Ride video features equipment tips from Burton and instruction from the American Association of Snowboard Instructors (AASI). Learn To Ride is an A-Z primer for snowboarders with advice for the first-time snowboarder, the intermediate rider, and even the advanced, with a section on carving and riding in deep powder and terrain parks.

Learn To Ride, by Warren Miller Entertainment, will be available on home video February 20, 2001 and has an approximate running time of 40 minutes.