What a day! If the following days are going to be as good as the first day of the qualification was, everybody could expect the best Wängl Tängl ever. Usually riders keep it simple in the qualifiers to step it up and show their hardest tricks not before the finals. According to all the “Eöh” during today’s runs, the level of riding was amazing.

Due to the weather problems, plans for the qualifiers had to be changed. The new plan consisted of splitting the qualifiers up in two days. Today all the riders had the chance to perform on the “kicker line” and tomorrow the second part is going to take place on the “alternative line”. Every day the riders get two runs and the better one of each count. There are 100 points to be scored in one run, but the judges can give an extra bonus for the Red Bull end section. The overall score of the two days determines which twelve riders of the two heats advance to the finals. Therefore, the riders who did not score high today still have the chance to ride on Saturday, if they do well tomorrow.

Today some of the rookies showed that they for sure have a chance to make it into the finals. Local rider Tom Klocker went stylish as usual and rounded up his run with a giant Cab nine on the big Vans kicker. Finnish rider Niki Korpela proved with a perfect frontside ten that he is not just battling for the finals, but has a true chance to win the whole event. But also other young riders like Seppe Smits have really good chances to make it into the finals. It was Louie Purucker who showed today’s favorite trick for the crowd, when landing a perfect double backflip on the first kicker. Stefan Gimpl did not only land two nines, but also went for a impressive switch straight air on the second kicker. Additionally riders like Elias Erhard, Ville Uotila, Simon Gruber and most of all Andreas Gidlund, who landed perfect runs, putting themselves in good positions for tomorrow. Norwegian rock star Danny Larsen did not went for the big spins, but was riding creative and stylish like no one else, which was honored by the judges. The good weather finally allowed the shapers to show the park the way how it was initially planned. The Suzuki rail, shaped like a surfboard, on top of the Suzuki New Grand Vitara, is ready and part of tomorrow’s “alternative line”. The Austrian art crew “permanent unit” designed the car today up on the mountain with their remarkable graffiti skills.  The obstacle then was immediately tested by Ästhetiker Rudi Kröll. Tomorrow all the riders have to show their rail skills, because the 18m Carharrt Down Rail waits for them in the “alternative line”.

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