Vote For Snowboarding On Aspen Mountain

At TransWorld SNOWboarding we used to have a feature called the “Black List”. It was a list of mountains that didn’t allow snowboarding.

When we first began, the list was quite long. Since then most of the resorts have come to their senses and now allow snowboarding. Currently there are only about four resorts in North America that do not allow us on their terrain. As much as we’d like resorts like Aspen, Alta, and Taos to feel it in their pocketbooks and figure it out themselves, when resorts ask for help we need to give it to them.

Currently, Aspen is polling vistors on their website asking everyone to vote for whether snowboarding should be allowed on their mountain. While it is my personal belief that this is just a clever ploy to get people to their site, I think we should show them exactly what the snowboard community thinks.

Please click on the following URL and let Aspen know that they should do what they should have done a long time ago and open the mountain. Vote to allow snowboarding on Aspen and tell your friends to vote as well.

Click here and VOTE. Together we can make this happen.