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Cover Shot
Mikey LeBlanc Stomps A 180-To-Cover
There’s a first time for everything.

You may or may not be aware of the fact that ripping veteran Mikey LeBlanc has never once found himself on the cover of TransWorld SNOWboarding—that is until now. The culmination of a longstanding photographer/rider kinship between LeBlanc and Andy Wright (one of our top contributors), this photo is the essence of urban riding in Salt Lake.

Amazingly enough, there’s another first time to this story, too. As it turns out, this shot was taken in late November on the very first day of both LeBlanc and Wright’s season. “Mikey’s first run of the year was jumping this thing straight, says Andy. “There wasn’t even a run-up to test the speed. Nope, just the call of, ‘Dropping!’ and bam!—stomped first try. Then it was on to the 180s. It was the best start of a season I’ve ever had.—J.S.

Photographer: Andy Wright
Camera: Canon EOS-1D Mark II N
Lens: Canon EF 15mm f/2.8
ISO: 100
Exposure: f/3.5 at 1/2000
Lighting: Daylight
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah