Volcom’s PBRJ at Summit at Snoqualmie, WA

If you weren’t at the Volcom PBRJ at Summit at Snoqualmie, don’t worry. You can check out all the action right here!


15 and Under Division:
1st: Austin Buza
2nd: Keala Cole
3rd: Parker Busch
4th: Patrick Finigan
5th: Michael Johnson

16 and Over Division:
1st: Daniel Gardiner
2nd: Shane Keller
3rd: Eythan Frost
4th: Justus Hines
5th: Matt Robinson

Girls’ Open Division:
1st: Isabella Borriello
2nd: Livia Molodyh
3rd: Kayla Kobelin
4th: Sabrina Patton
5th: Ashley Steeno

Men’s Open Division:
1st: Chris Eck
2nd: Jeff Hopkins
3rd: Petey Pierotti
4th: Aaron Cardwell
5th: Stefan Krumm

Electric’s Gooeyest Move Of The Event:
Livia Molodyh