All Photos: Chris Wellhausen

Twenty years ago Volcom released its first movie, Alive We Ride, in the parking lot of its Costa Mesa, California office. The film broke the norms of action sports videos of the time by showcasing a rarely seen mix of snowboarding, surfing, and skating. It also set the striking visual tone for the 27 Volcom movies that have followed so far.

On Saturday March 1, Volcom premiered its latest movie True To This at its office, still in Costa Mesa. A nod to Alive, the films brings snow, wheels, and waves back together again in a mash-up of all things board sports. Today, most action sports videos allow only limited crossover between genres of riding, keeping snow, skate, and surf footage separated. Close cousins our sports might be but the traditional thinking holds that it's better for each keep a respectful distance when it comes to media. Whether there’s any real logic to that or not, we’re not used to seeing all three interlaced. So the potential for audience blowback was there, but Volcom's approach resonated with those who gathered to watch—SoCal skate rats stood transfixed as they were given glimpses of the snow team ripping remote mountain peaks while industry veterans were mesmerized by North Shore barrels. The skating, well, that was just flat out impressive to everyone.

Among the riders in the original Volcom movie Terje Haaksonsen, Jamie Lynn, and Bryan Iguchi all make appearances in True To This but you've got to look closely to spot them—there are no name titles or traditional parts—just montages of riding on different mediums. That makes part of the fun trying to pick out exactly when you’re watching the likes of Pat Moore, Mark Landvik, Mike Rav, Dan Brisse, Dylan Alito, Curtis Ciszek, and Johnny Lazz destroy their chosen terrain. Removing the titles also adds a purity to the experience, allowing you to witness the act shredding without being tied to any one rider, or for that matter judging an individual's level of riding, which is often the case when watching a full movie or part. It's a simple formula—less judgment, more enjoyment.

Like its counterparts at Alien Workshop, Volcom always brings something unique and visually appealing to take in. Whether you're a fan of snow, skate, and surf or just one of the three, True To This is worth the watch for the unfiltered, shared experience of sliding sideways that it presents.