Volcom’s “Luminous Llama” Premiere Enlightens Charged Crowd

Thursday, October 12 found the theater at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa at maximum capacity (plus plenty of standing in the back and sitting in the isles) for the premiere of Volcom’s latest video “Luminous Llama.” Staring, among others, were Bjorn Leines, Terje Haakonsen, Willie Yli Louma, and Daniel Franck. “Llama” was produced by Volcom’s very own Jay Twitty, with creative direction, cinematography, and editing by Jamie Heinrich. Those down with the Stone we’re greeted on their way into the theater by Tony Llama, an actual llama. And Tony’s luminosity factor was significantly increased by the addition of glow sticks tied to his beautiful flowing locks of llama hair. Luckily, no one was spit on.

The theater was faithfully decorated by Volcom’s own brand of honest-to-weirdness with plenty of life-size post-apocalyptic warrior cardboard cutouts placed randomly around the theater.

Five snowboards, donated by generous Volcom athletes, were given away to some very stoked groms. Everyone else was happy with just the beautiful women and sneaked-in beers that usually accompany any Volcom event.

Of course the film was met with the trademark acclaim of snowboarders: deafening hoots. And I’ve never seen more guys cringe like they were just kicked in the balls then during the wipe-out section. Nothing less than the best can be expected from a Volcom premiere in their own back yard, and only the very best was delivered.

¿Carson Cordasco