Winter is upon us and unless you’re stuck in the great Northwest, there’s plenty of snow on the hills. The Volcom team has been busy so far this year with SIA in Vegas, X-Games in Aspen and filming all over for our upcoming film, due to be released this fall. Here?s a quick run down on what the team has been up to this last month:

Jamie Lynn, Billy Anderson and Bryan Iguchi chill at SIA in Vegas. Bryan Iguchi is back in the saddle again! It is an honor to have Bryan back with the Volcom family. He brings 15 plus years of snowboarding knowledge to the table and is a key element to our team. Bryan has called Jackson Hole his home for the past eight years and has the area on lock. He will be working directlywith the outerwear program providing us with valuable R&D information. We arealso looking forward to his part in the upcoming new snow movie.

Erik Leines had an amazing day with great snow in Utah, bagging six clips of six different tricks for the new snow movie. He then chased the storm cycle outto California to film in Tahoe and Mammoth with Shaun White, Wille Yli-Luoma and Tyler Flanagan. Both Eric and Bjorn are now in Sonora with Terje and Guch filming for the new movie.

BJ Leines started the month of January hot with some brilliant shots in the Wasatch, unfortunately, he rolled his ankle which put him out for a couple of weeks, but he is back on the board and feeling good. Bjorn rode really well at the Winter X-Games, qualifying 2nd in the preliminaries and ending up with a very solid 4th in the slopestyle final.

Wille Yli-Luoma has made his way back to the states after the holidays and is logging footage with the Mack Dawg crew in the Tahoe area, going out with staff photographer Chris Owen and capitalizing on eight feet of new snow. Wille is finalizing his paper work for an apartment in Portland, Oregon so he can take up a more permanent residence in the States. He also joined Shaun, Erik and Tyler in Mammoth for a couple days of filming this past week

Seth Huot has been in and out of airports a lot this month, with a trip to Helsinki, Finland with staff photographer Chris Owen and the Mack Dawg crew where he was greeted by numerous other US snowboarders searching out rails in the Finnish mecca. He then went straight to Reno after a major storm cycle to do more of the same.

Micah McGinnity just finished up his snowboard camps in the Midwest and made his way back to Salt Lake City for the winter. He also made the mad dash to Reno for some rail hunting for the new snow movie.

Janna Meyen has put blood, sweat and tears into the past six months of recouping her knee after surgery, which paid off well during the X-Games, where she took home yet another gold medal in the slopestyle finals. Just in case you missed it, Janna was finally named ” Female Rider of the Year ” by Transworld this past fall and will be busy filming for the new movie with the rest of the crew for the next few months.

Mark Landvik is the newest addition to the team and is blowing minds with his crazy lines and mad skills all across the board. Mark calls the Northwest home, but is in Jackson Hole right now with the all-star crew of Jamie Lynn and Bryan Iguchi destroying everything in sight while Gary Pendegrasse is documenting the action.

Jamie Lynn is out in Jackson Hole with Mark and Bryan, filming for the movie, along with Terje Haakonsen, who is back in the states and has been busy filming with the rest of the Volcom crew.

Gigi Ruf is finally getting into some filming now that it has started snowing in Europe; look out for some big things coming from the other side of the pond this winter.

What an impressive start of the year for Shaun White! First place in Air and Style, first place at ” The Session ” in Vail, Colorado and first place in Slopestyle at the X-Games. He just finished up a week of shooting in Mammoth with Erik, Wille and Tyler landing everything he attempted. Shaun is busy traveling the world, filming and settiing his sights on the 2006 Olympics. Go Shaun Go!

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