Volcom PB&RJ Waterville Results

For the 6th year the Volcom PB& RJ tour made its stop at Waterville Valley. The day started off early with kids lining up to get their spot in the contest at 7:15am. Almost 200 riders registered and then the fun began, homemade bibs and all. The set up included a 32 ft flat-down flat-down, a 32ft down rail and 2 20ft press boxes setup together with a gentle gap. The young bucks started it off first with the likes of Vermont ripper Hans Mindnich, Waterville Valley local Merrick Joyce and many others from the 15 and under crowd killing it. With Volcom’s own Jeff Arnold or for short Jarnold on the mic the crowd was certainly entertained. The ladies division was ridiculous…I saw so much steeze I almost went blind. Between the tail presses and front boards I was extremely impressed. After all the heats were finished it was time to get some PB& J sandwiches and other assorted snack goodness at the Hubba. While Jarnold told tales of meeting or not meeting Prince.

In the 15 and under finals Jarnold called for some gap action on the flat down, flat down and ooh did he get it. Hans Mindnich was the first to try, flying through the air and just missing the 50-50 on the last 6 feet. He ended up getting it after a few tries and the crowd was psyched. This trend continued throughout the rest of the contest. For the ladies finals Laura Rogoski simply killed all 3 zones with flawless effort and mad style. In the 16 and over finals the show belonged to Waterville local shred head Tanner McCarty. As for the open finals…well I’ll let the video do the talking. Brandon Reis and Sam Hulbert looked like they were playing a game of P.I.G. in the 3 zones following behind one another and busting out some steezy and not to mention technical maneuvers.

All in all it was a great day with a great set-up! Look out Mammoth cause when these east coast kids get out there for the finals they’re gonna be hungry. Big shout out to Volcom’s Jeff Arnold, Tom Anderson and Jared King for making the treck to NH. Thanks to Waterville Valley Resort’s Terrain Park Manager John Webster and his very hard working crew.


15& Under
Hans Mindnich
Merrick Joyce
Randell Stacey
Cody Ellison
Kai Wiggins

Laura Rogoski
Maggie Newton
Lizzy Beeman
Lucyann Murray
Taylor Owen

Tanner McCarty
Jeremy Landy
Anthony Staples
Ian Hart
Tim Sullivan

Brandon Reis
Sam Hulbert
Stu Gingras
Tucker Spear
Jesse Curran