Volcom PBRJ: Sierra-at-Tahoe

Volcom's first Peanut Butter & Rail Jam of 2011 went down Sunday January 2nd on the snow-covered slopes of California's Sierra-At-Tahoe resort!

It seems each pilgrimage we make to the Tahoe area results in us being surrounded by a ridiculous amount of snow and an equally impressive quantity of terrain. Sierra at Tahoe is home to some of the best, and most terrifying, runs we've taken in some time. Brooke Summers is our contact there and does an insane job keeping everyone moving in the same direction.

Here’s a shot from one of many of Sierra’s powder stashes. Sorry, can’t tell you where.
The terrain park crew have perfected their craft and proven it by installing a splendid PBRJ contest site. Zone one consisted of a wall ride set up for attack from multiple angles, zone two was a down box and zone three was a rider's right c-box. It was a good mix of features that challenged the competitors' versatility.

2011 began with a bang as the 15 & under riders attacked the custom PBRJ site with an earnest and vigor not seen since our visit last year! With Johnny Lazz and crew relaxing under the Volcom tents railside, the groms came in heavy and stomped several impressive tricks in short order. We saw a half-cab 50-50 b/s 180 out, buttery smooth b/s tailslides and even a f/s bluntslide hardway 270 out on the c-box! After the scores were tallied, Liam Loftis claimed 1st, Spencer Whiting, 2nd and Joshua Douglas squeaked into 3rd!

A mean lookin’ f/s 180 nosepress in zone 2!
The 16 & Over division was up next and didn't waste any time getting the party started! Austin Bayless blasted out of the gates and set the bar impressively high. Andy Blanchard, Nathan Zavaleta and Griffin Lancaster weren't ones to back down and got to work in a hurry. F/s 270 to frontside boardslide 270 out, nollie b/s lipslide and a front board/boardslide combo were just a few of the heavies on display! At the end of the day, it was Austin Bayless prevailing and taking 1st, Andy Blanchard locked down 2nd and Griffin Lancaster boldly rode away with 3rd.

Frontside tailslide on the C-box in zone 3
The Girls division descended on the three features next and turned the riding up to radical! All the girls who rode had glory and victory dead in their sights.Riding hard, Kasandra Dolan paid her PBRJ dues and walked away from the burliest slam of the day. The down-box in zone 2 was the perpetrator and snagged her heelside edge as she was midway through a proper f/s boardslide. A painful one to watch. In the end, her boldness and passion landed her in 3rd whilst the highflying Julianne Brackett placed 1st and Tashi Green 2nd!

Backslide lipslide, zone 3
Sticking with stringent PBRJ protocol, the Open division was the last group of riders to throw down at Sierra. The level of riding had been very solid to that point and the only questions that remained was who would step up and add the exclamation mark. Given the level of riding going on it could have been just about anyone. Thomas Coldabella made a case for himself with a precious 270-in, change-up front 450-out. Despite everyone throwing down ridiculous tricks, it was Rob Hallowell's stratospheric lipslide 270-out on the wall ride that had everyone shaking their heads in disbelief! On the podium it was Rob Hallowell claiming 1st, Jeremy Landy 2nd, and the noble Alex Hereford in third!

There weren’t many tricks bolder than this f/s 50-50 across the top of the wall
A huge thanks to Brooke Summers, Doug Mercer, John Knillenger, the terrain park and Sierra's lift operations for their attention to detail and hard work! Everyone we know at the resort is really helpful and proactive in making the PBRJ a success. Thanks also to Steve Woolworth, Chris Demolski and Greg Frayo for judging and of course our PBRJ tour sponsors below for all of their support!



15 & Under:
1st: Liam Loftis
2nd: Spencer Whiting
3rd: Joshua Douglas
4th: Graham Hailey
5th: Tre Charret

16 & Over:
1st: Austin Bayless
2nd: Andy Blanchard
3rd: Griffin Lancaster
4th: JP Bergeron
5th: Nathan Zavaleta

Girl's Open:
1st: Julianne Brackett
2nd: Tashi Green
3rd: Kasandra Dolan
4th: Raelynd Tarnov
5th: Danyale Paterson

Men's Open:
1st: Rob Hallowell
2nd: Jeremy Landy
3rd: Alex Hereford
4th: Scott Hoffman
5th: Will Grigsby

Electric's $50 "Gooeyest Move of the Day": Rob Hallowell