Volcom PBRJ: Bear Mountain


What can we say about the Bear scene that hasn’t been said? “Unique” and “creative” style and personalities highlight this Southern Californian resort. The fashion isn’t as flashy as, say, Mt High’s, but it’s definitely got a life of it’s own. With rippers such as MIkey Lucido, Alex Hereford and John Macdonald in attendance we were sure not only the style would be on point, but the riding as well!

Here’s an amazing bit of scenery we soaked in on the way up to Bear
Before we go too much further I think it’s a worthwhile endeavor to make mention of all the fine people at Bear Mountain. Mindy Clark, Clayton Shoemaker, Rio Tanbara and the terrain park crew were incredibly helpful all day long. If one of the features needed a little maintenance, they were on it. If someone slammed and needed some help, they were on it. Thanks again to everyone at Bear who made this event happen.

Noseslide, zone 2
The 15 & Under division began with a level of ferocity and vigor rarely displayed on the PBRJ tour! Jaromie Nolan and Sean Monahan were young gents on missions from beginning to end! Among others picking up and delivering on this cue were Vinnie Fava and Joey Venner. half-cab tailpress f/s 360 out on the battleship, nollie front boards on the c-rail and a 50-50 ollie-front board on the double-decker flat-down box were just a few of the magical spells the 15 & Under division cast on us that day. When the snow settled, Jaromie Nolan had ridden off with 1st while Joey Venner and Vinnie Fava placed 2nd and 3rd respectively!

Now this is a serious tailpress!
The sun burst forth from behind some clouds as the 16 & Over division began their assault on Bear’s custom PBRJ setup. The force was definitely with riders in both of these heats because the skills were not only impressive but consistent across the board! Having such a great crowd of spectators pumped these guys up and gave them the extra boost needed to put the proceedings over the top. F/s blunt 270 out, switch front boardslides and a good lookin’ nollie f/s boardslide greased things nicely and really got the party going. Things went back and forth for what seemed an eternity but in the end it was Roberto Toste prevailing with Alex Lockwood in 2nd and the foggy Ian Dodds in 3rd!

Gapping to lipslide on zone 1’s “elbow” feature
The Girls division was up next and what a tangibly tasty treat it was! From Gabrielle Maiden to Melissa Evans and Emily Blewitt, we got a chance to catch up with some old friends. Some of the rippers riding in the Girls division have been throwing down in PBRJs for six seasons! All this experience was evident as they dispensed with formalities and went to work in a hurry. There was a flurry of activity during which I found it hard to keep up with the jibbing anarchy on display. After 25 minutes and more than a few head-shakers from the judges, the results were in: Melissa Evans, who won three years ago was back at the top with Veroniqi Hanssen claiming 2nd and Melissa Johnson rounding out the top three in fine form.

Lipslide, zone 3
The Open division was the final group to ride and we’re glad that was that case. After watching and hearing them brainstorm their soon-to-be tricks on the menacing “elbow” rail, it was game time! Thankfully there were no priests around because Daniel Brown was tearing around the PBRJ site like a man possessed! Hot on his heels was nearly the entire Open division. This was little surprise given the formidable names such as Dakota Whitaker, Jordan Small and Ian Sams. In the end it was some last minute heroics courtesy of Alex Hereford that stunned the judges and got them scribbling feverishly on their scoresheets! After everyone caught breath it was revealed Alex was victorious while Daniel Brown and Dakota Whitaker were a close 2nd and 3rd respectively!

Alex Hereford, backslide lipslide, zone 1
Once again, thanks to Mindy Clark, Rio Tanbara, Clayton Shoemaker and everyone else at Bear Mountain for their support! There’s simply no way it could’ve been done without all the extra work and dedication that we always seem to receive while visiting Bear. Thanks also to Pat Lynch, Delaney Council and Eli Weinert for judging as well as Chris Martinez for looking after the many essential elements of a running the event! Last but not least, thanks to the PBRJ sponsors below for supporting the movement.



15 & Under:
1st: Jaromie Nolan
2nd: Joey Venner
3rd: Vinnie Fava
4th: Sean Monahan
5th: Jeremiah Belledin

16 & Over:
1st: Roberto Toste
2nd: Alex Lockwood
3rd: Ian Dodds
4th: Vincent Ortiz
5th: Max Alonso

1st: Melissa Evans
2nd: Veroniqi Hanssen
3rd: Melissa Johnson
4th: Emily Blewitt
5th: Melissa Spillmen

1st: Alex Hereford → $200
2nd: Daniel Brown → $150
3rd: Dakota Whitaker → $100
4th: Jordan Small
5th: Ian Sams

Electric’s “Gooeyest Move of the Day”: Alex Lockwood → $50