Volcom PBRJ Bear Mountain Results


The 4th stop of the 2009 Peanut Butter & Rail Jam tour exploded all over the base of Bear Mountain, CA on Sunday, January 11th!

(Click the image to see the video)

The Bear PBRJ is always of interest as it facilitates the collision of assorted Orange County jibbing styles. This trend continued as a few shy of 200 competitors signed up in hopes of cracking the top 5 and taking home cash, prizes and invites to this seasons $25,000 Peanut Butter & Rail Jam Championships! Raising the stakes further, Rio Tanbara and his crew of diabolical terrain park masterminds put together a great setup that was challenging while not being too intimidating. A fine line to meander indeed, but one Bear seems to do with relative ease. Nice work boys!

The day was surprisingly warm and more then a few tee shirts were seen around the PBRJ contest site (including mine). The 15 & Under Division was up first and I think its reasonably safe to say the weather was far from the minds of the competitors minds. Their focus was honed and sharpened and the impact was immediately felt! These kids came out of the gates charging and quickly turned it up to awesome! After the snow had settled and the men separated from the boys, it was Chase Fromm taking 1st, Jaromie Nolan in 2nd and Brandon Davis jibbing his way into 3rd!

We barely had time to catch our breath before the 16 & Over Division commandeered center stage and gave everyone a few things to think about! All the riders showed a ton of passion and hunger as they ripped the features, then basically sprinted back up to the drop-in area. While this was definitely impressive, it would be a crime not to make note of the solid riding that went down. Switch back tails, front blunt 270 outs, nollie nosepress tail taps and an additional tantric smorgasbord of tricks worth mentioning! After numbers were crunched, Nathan Sovich knocked down 1st, Chris Cantu owned 2nd and Devin Allen nailed 3rd!

The Girls were up next and really made some good things happen out there! While not being a particularly large Division, their smaller numbers were made up for by solid riding and a seriously relaxed atmosphere. Familiar faces abound. If I were to be a name-dropper, Id begin with Melissa Evins, Kendra Langston, Tammy Varner and Tanya Schmid. These ladies and many others were onhand to test their mettle against Bears 2009 PBRJ setup! Lipslides, back tails, switch boardslides and switch 50-50s are just a few tricks that come to mind! When we had a chance to shake the cobwebs clear, Melissa Evins had slid into 1st, Jamie Madrid 2nd and Ms. Bella Rodriguez 3rd.

The Open Division riders were cursed/blessed with being responsible for rounding out the days shredding. They exceeded expectations to say the least! It appeared as if there was a palpable feel-out period for the riders as they familiarized themselves with the features and prepped their bangers. Sure enough, the hammers started to drop and an impressive array of ultra premium quality tricks went down in all three PBRJ zones! From front blunt 270 outs to looooonng back lips we just about saw it all. Following standard PBRJ protocol, we wrapped up the contest with the Open Division awards. Daniel Brown stood proudly atop the podium, with Cody Chemnnors and James McDaniel 2nd and 3rd respectively!

Thanks to Rio Tanbara, Mindy Clark, Clayton, Ali and everyone at Bear Mtn for doing a killer job form A to Z and making our lives easy! Thanks to Kirk, Alex and Jeff for judging and Electrics Cyle Cadam for helping hold things down. Speaking of which, thanks to Electric for rounding out the winners prize pack with stickers and a pair of goggles.

15 & Under:
1st: Chase Fromm
2nd: Jaromie Nolan
3rd: Brandon Davis
4th: Lucas Jenkins
5th: Nick Rockwood

16 & Over:
1st: Nathan Sovich
2nd: Chris Cantu
3rd: Devin Allen
4th: Chris Sovich
5th: Mike Burkhardt

1st: Melissa Evins
2nd: Jamie Madrid
3rd: Bella Rodriguez
4th: Kendra Langston
5th: Alena Pastores

Open Divison:
1st: Daniel Brown
2nd: Cody Chemnoors
3rd: James McDaniel
4th: Sal Rubio
5th: Ryan Frear

Electrics Gooyest Move:
Mike Lucido!