Volcom Avalanche


Sunday, July the 18th, the Volcom Avalanche took place, known for its length and difficulty, and its speed that’s required.

At 17:30 pm, more tan 120 Snowboarders, between woman and men of different ages, started the race from the top of La Cornisa lift to the bottom of los Zorros in Farellones.


The participants rode about 2.800 meters at high speed with the goal of being the first to cross the finishing line. During the competition some of the riders where left behind, because the lane conditions where not easy, but at the end the important thing is to enjoy and feel the adrenaline of the race!


The first place of the male category was for Eduardo Arriarán, who won a surf board, Volcom prizes, Red Bull and $100.000 chilean pesos. The second place was for Rodrigo Díaz, who won a Volcom BMX bike, $50.000 chilean pesos in Volcom products and a four pack de Red Bull.

In the female category, the winner was Sabrina Burnham, who won $100.00 chilean pesos, Volcom clothes and Red Bull products.
The second place was fro Otton Irarrázabal, who won $50.000 plus Volcom clothes and a y Red Bull four pack.


The finisher event took place at El Montañés restaurant, where there was appetizers and cocktail for the riders and where later on, that afternoon the winners where announced.