Voice Premieres In San Diego

By Annie Fast

The world premier of Voice, a film by Torey Piro/Xodus Productions, packed ’em into the LA Paloma Theater with all the bros, pros, and hos in attendance on what would’ve otherwise been a sleepy night in the surfside town of Encinitas, California. It started out with a mandatory product toss stoking out the excitable local groms. Torey Piro stepped up on stage to ask the 10,000 dollar question--who has the best part? The deal is that viewer’s votes will be tallied up, and one of the riders in the vid will be ten-grand out of debt. Details are in the ending credits of the film.

The field is by no means narrow, at last count there were some thirteen parts to choose from. Standouts include Gabe Taylor and Matt Hammer in the park, Mark Reilly bustin’ skulls on the rooftop, Stefan Gimpl spinning clean nines, Tommy Czeshin styling in the pipe, and Aleksi Vanninen sessioning some euro-sized booters.

The mix of established pros and up and comers added a lot of variety, making up for the sometimes familiar settings. After this winter, there’s a river crossing rail with the paint sessioned right off, a pyramid roof with a lot looser shingles, and some Mammoth kickers with a chance at an Exposurometer ranking.

Aleksi Vanninen’s closing section clearly demonstrates Piro and crews talents with impressive shots and moody editing.

Watch the movie to hear Mark Reilly confess his disdain for highway workers, see where Gabe Taylor’s spleen used to be, and check mohawk variety on Travis Robison. Overall Voice did what a good snowboard video should--it left you wanting to shred, travel, spin, and (curiously enough) start break dancing.