Vodafone Snowboard Urban Festival

On February 25th the VODAFONE SNOWBOARD URBAN FEST, an SBS – Style Snowboard FIS urban contest and the Portuguese Open Snowboard Style takes place. This will be a unique event in the country, a party not to be missed. It’s only one SBS Urban contest on FIS 2012 calendar.

For the first time ever, Portugal will receive a snowboarding event of this level with riders participating from across Europe to win the first prize: a check of € 3,000 cash. Second place will receive € 2,000 and € 1,000 third place.

The event will be located in one of the best parks in the city: the “Jardim do Lago” space thanks to its topography with slopes, it makes it perfect for this event. Snowboarders will participate in a slopestyle event consisting of jumps and rails. The contest is organized with the support of the Institute of Portugal Desportos Camera and Tourism Covilha, FDI-Portugal (Federação Desportos Inverno de Portugal), Iberic Pro-Am and FIS Snowboard Tour.

From 10:30 AM: Briefing – TC Meeting for both competitions.

14:00 PM: Trainings for Portugal Championship SBS Open.
15:00 PM: FIS Training SBS.
16:00 PM: Start Portugal Championship SBS Open.
18:00 PM: Qualifying Vodafone Urban Snowboard Fest – SBS FIS.

22:00 PM: Finals Vodafone Snowboard Urban Fest – SBS FIS.