Vivo Headwear TV Launching Soon…


With Vivo headwear’s successful launch of their first winter collection and snow team, they are now diving head first into their Spring/ Summer project, working along side top heavy hitters Mark Appleyard, Corey Sheppard, Spencer Hamilton and Grant Patterson.

Rumor has it Corey Sheppard is not only a professional skater for Vivo but has also taken the roll of Creative Director/Team manager, making this the ultimate rider-driven company. Make sure to watch out for their innovative spring/summer ball cap line in the near future.

Vivo headwear TV, what’s that all about? Pretty much to sum it up CEO Anthony Leffelaar and pro skater Corey Sheppard
are about to get on a flight to Asia for the next month, hooking up with local Vivo riders and capturing their
crazy tales throughout Japan and China, and of course stopping at unique Skate and Snow spots along the way.

Make sure to check out there website for on the road up dates along the way!

Vivo embodies the past, epitomizes the present and lives to develop the future.