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Vintage Boards : Kurt Heine Selling 41 Rare Decks in Auction

Slice of Snowboard History Up for Grabs: Vintage Board Auction

Kurt Heine, renowned former pro snowboarder, turned film-maker and active vintage board collector and trader, is selling his personal fleet of 41 vintage snowboards in an auction today on eBay.

"It’s sad to see these boards go that I worked so hard to get," said Kurt of the auction. "I'm selling because I obtained a lot of hospital bills after recently having my ninth right knee surgery and a shoulder surgery in June," said Heine as to reasons why this prized collection is up for grabs.

A few of the notable boards within this collection are the iconic Burton Jeff Brushie Trout, Lib Tech Jamie Lynn Whale and Burton Terje Sword.

"In the eBay auction are my boards that I rode to do all my follow cams in the movies I filmed for Mack Dawg Productions, Standard Films, Strait Jacket Films and the Forum Movies. I hope my boards go to a good home," continued Heine.

The starting bid for the boards kicked off at $8,000, and potential buyers have just seven days to continue to up their offers for this unique slice of snowboard history and nostalgia.

Check out the auction here and place your bets for these boards. This fleet needs a solid home, perhaps you could be the next owner of this iconic collection?

UPDATE: A GoFundMe.com has been started to raise money for Kurt so he can keep his collection, and have money for his hospital bills. Check out the fundraiser here!

Help a Legend: https://www.gofundme.com/helpheine

From Kurt's eBay post:

I'm selling the my entire rare vintage snowboard collection and my personal boards that I rode back when I was pro rider. I put in a lot of hard work searching and money to come up with this amazing collection of iconic snowboards. These are my favorite vintage snowboards and in this collection are 7 boards that I used to ride.  I’ve been riding for since 1984 and was a sponsored rider from 1989-1996.  Some of my board sponsors were Kemper, Morrow, Funky, Santa Cruz and Nidecker. I’ve been filming snowboard movies since 1990. I worked for Mack Dawg Productions, Forum, Brain Farm and Red Bull for last 25 years and owned my own film production company Strait Jacket Films from 2000-2005. I also put in the collection my Burton UnInc and Seven that board I rode for 6 years for most of the follow cams in the Mack Dawg, Forum and Strait Jacket Film movies.  

Now you can own a amazing rare collection all at once with out all the hassle from searching and dealing with hundreds of buying transactions.  All most everyone of these boards are super clean base and top sheet. No rust, almost everyone of these boards have no top sheet cracks, no sun damage, water damage, ect. Only a couple of these boards have damage. 

Vintage Snowboard Auction

Photo: Kurt Heine

Heres's the list of the 41 boards from Left to Right starting at the bottom:  

Morrow Spoon, Morrow REM free-Pro, K2 Gyrator, first year Forum I took the photo of Terje thats on the top sheet of the board, Look Free Style, Look Trick Stick, Sim Shaun Palmer, Burton Jeff Brushie Trout, Lamar Mike Ranquet Pool Table, Burton Terje Sword, Burton Terje Cat 152, Sim Shaun Palmer Cadillac, Burton Ouija, Burton Craig Kelly Mystery Air, Kemper Freestyle 1989, Kemper Free style 1990, Kemper Free style white 155cm, Kemper Flight 153. 

Vintage Snowboards Auction 2

Photo: Kurt Heine

Second Row L to R:

Burton Air, Avalanche Kick Damian Sanders, Burton Air 1988 Burtons first free style board, K2 Dan Donnelly, Santa Cruz  Bertand Denervaud, K2 Daniel Franck, Sims Noah Salasnek Noahs Ark, Sims Noah Salasnek skate truck green mini, Sims Noah Salasnek Skate Truck orange, Santa Cruz Tau, Santa Cruz Chris Roach,  Lib Tech Jamie Lynn Whale, Andy Hetzel skate truck, Sims 1/2 pipe White, Sims 1/2 pipe black, Sims 1987 1630 Switch Blade with wooden sidewalls, Atlantis Daniel Franck.

Top row L to R

Morrow Free pro, Santa Cruz XX, Burton Uninc my personal board, Nidecker BABS pro model my  personal board,  Morrow 155cm Multi pro my personal I rode, Burton Seven my personal board. The Burton Jeff Brushie Trout and Burton Terje Sword have been professionally clear coated to look brand new again. You will be amazed how good they look in person. 

Read more about Kurt Heine in an exclusive TWSNOW interview here.

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