Videograss, a new snowboard film production company from Mikey LeBlanc, Darrell Mathes and Nima Jalali kicked off the Video Premier season on a scorching evening in Portland, Oregon on July 21st. With Mt. Hood in full swing just up the road, there was a good turnout of snowboarding celebs as well as fans of the sport despite the fact that it is technically the middle of summer. The video, which goes by the same name as the production company, was heavily weighted toward the latest in urban-influenced snowboarding, but still maintained a respectable amount of backcountry airtime. While it’s not fair to give an official review of video after a one-time viewing in a standing-room only room with muted sound, these were the impression I walked away with: LNP and Aaron Biittner turned in memorable parts, possibly their best to date. New faces Ben Bilocq and Alex Cantin both put themselves on the radar and Darrell Mathes and Louif Paradis (or Louie Paradise, his stage name in the video) competed for last part. The antics both before the premiere and of course, after, were a continuation of the genuine good times this crew of riders conveyed in the video.
-Andy Wright