Video Wars Strikes Back

Video Wars Strikes Back

Feb 14th-March 6th

Video Wars is a competition highlighting the skills of those individuals behind the camera. This year, we changed things up a bit. With every great video, there is most likely a photographer near by. With that said, this year we will be adding a category to Video Wars: Best Photo. Photography and Motion Pictures go hand and hand and this year we wanted to recognize our aspiring Photographers.

This year Video Wars will consist of 3 categories:

1) Best Video
2) Best Photo.
3) Best Rider Section


1) 2009/10 Mountain High Season Pass
2) Prize Packages
3) Case of Monster Energy

Due Date: Friday March 6th (Noon)
Awards: Saturday Night March 7th
Location: Bullwheel Bar & Grill
5:00pm Watch Videos

6:00pm Raffle
6:30pm Awards
7:00pm After Party


1) Entrance is FREE.
2) Lift tickets are not provided.


1. Must be shot at Mountain High. Contest Begins Feb 14th and ends on March 6th. No Prior footage or photos. We'll know if you cheat.
2. Video Length: 4 min MAX (Including End Credits) Photos cannot be enhanced. RAW photos are preferred. Color correction is acceptable but cropping/ enhancing, adding filters, or any other treatment is prohibited. (Limit 5 photos per submission.)
3. All videos must include End Credits with Producer's Name, Music Credit (Band, Song Title, Album Title, Label, Date)* and Rider's Name.
4. Submission may contain Snowboarding and Skiing. For submission on snowboard websites only, skiing shots will need to be edited out. Skiing photos will not be submitted to snowboard websites.
5. Be as creative as possible. Shoot the best video and photo possible. Remember we're looking for sick riding, colorful lifestyle, and artistic mastery. Please avoid the following:
-no foul language
-no gross sexual content
-no destruction of property
-your submission will be disqualified if it contains ANY of the following.

*Participants in Video Wars are required to secure any and all release and licensing agreements pertaining to rider permission, location release, music, and other media usage.

Videos and photos must be presented on disc (CD/DVD) or Flash Drive in an Uncompressed AVI or MOV file (Video) or RAW/ High Resolution JPEG (Photo) to Guest Services Office located at the West Resort.

Noon on Friday, March 6th. Any submission no submitted on time will not be accepted! You will need to fill out a Video Wars Release Form upon submission. Forms will be located at the Guest Services Office.



Shot selection
Opening Credits and End Credits
Music/ Sound Usage and integration
Quality of Riding