Matty Ryan, aka: HOMEWRECK is one of the illest riders out there and is often accused of being a pile. Two things he’s got are style and ballz, one thing he does not, shampoo. Whether he’s slaying rails or borrowing your cell phone for a long time; whatever it is, it’s done his way and with style.

Chanelle Sladics, the All-American “Beauty definitely deceives with her easy-going attitude and fearless riding style. With an honorable mention for best trick in women’s Slopestyle at the X-games 05, or finishing 2nd in Slopestyle at the Grand Prix this January, she’s killing it and, bringing her unique style to female snowboarding. Expect to see Chanelle gracing ads and contests this upcoming season.

Shayne Pospisil, is rad because he’s been snowboarding since he could walk. And because he’s been creeping his way up the snowboarding food chain since he was 14 years old. One Rep said proudly, “That kid used to try to sneak into my parties with my snowboard bros, I would have let him in if he was 16, but he was only 14, I’m not gonna give a 14 year old a beer, even though he could ride better than me. In addition to that, Shayne spends his days chucking his meat in a gravity-free, consequence-free world. You may have seen him at like every Grand Prix, or Gravity Games, or the finals at the US Open last weekend.

Venue Snowboards proudly welcomes these three hooligans to the crew along with Hans Ahlund and Michael Goldschmidt. Stay tuned for any further updates on team and other Venue, Northwave, Drake and Bakoda happenings, or better yet, visit