Vegitate XI Snowboarding and Skiing For Native Wildflowers, April 1—2

The event will be presented April 1 and 2 – with a SuperPipe Jam on Saturdayand the Full Sail Big Air X on Sunday. We have around $7,000 in prizes -mostly cash – plus a bunch of swag, skis and snowboard to give away.Registration is the day of for both events. The SuperPipe Jam has Mens /Womens division, plus 18+ and 17 and under age groupings for both skiing andsnowboarding. We’ll combine rider ballots with technical evaluations todetermine the winners in each division. The Big Air event has two divisions- one for snowboarders and one for skiers. A panel of VIP judges – assistedby two technical judges – interpret crowd response to sic tricks thrown, andthe top two snowboarders and top two skiers are rewarded.

Vegetate has always been a spring showcase for Meadows, to draw attention tothe resort’s native wildflower and grass revegetation program. The programwon a national award and we “Vegetate” to celebrate. The scope of the eventhas expanded to serve as a reminder to all of our guests to respect themountain environment in which they recreate.

The list of past Vegetate competitors reads like a virtual who’s who ofsnowboarding: Peter Line, Jamie Lynn, Danny Kass, Kier Dillon, JussiOksanen, Kevin Jones, Lael Gregory, Mark Schulz, Blaise Rosenthal, AntonPogue, Adam Hostetter, Mark Landvik, Jesse Burtner, Allister Schultz, DougBurlingame, Jason Chatfield, Josh Dirksen, Kris Jamieson, Louie Fountain,Risto Scott, Ryan Neptune ,Scotty Whitlake, Tyler DeWilde, Mikey LeBlanc,Marc Frank Montoya, Marcus Egge, Barrett Christy, Corrie Rudishauser, JanetMatthews, Kellie Wright, Kim Bohnsack, and Roberta Rodger. The event hasalso attracted freestyle skiers – Phil Belanger, Phil Larose, SageCattabriga-Alosa, Mike Larouch, Eric Pollard and Griffin Cummings have allcompeted in Vegetate events.

In its hayday, Vegetate had corporate sponsorship and shows were producedand broadcast nationally on ESPN and Fox Sports. After losing a majorsponsor at a very late date, the event was salvaged by Mack Dawg productions- we went pro and did some pretty unusual things such as the Wall Rideagainst the side of the lodge in the base area and one of the first everymutant SuperPipes – adding a 12 foot wall extension to the side of ourSuperPipe.

Through it all Vegetate has served to entertain competitors and spectators.It is really a fun time on a beautiful mountain that we all love.

Hope you can make it!