Variables: Vail Museum Honors Snowboard Legend

Vail Museum Honors Snowboard Legend

Former Overall World Champion Kevin Delaney was the first snowboarder—and youngest person ever—inducted into the Colorado Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame last October 18.

Kevin shaped the face of snowboarding in Colorado and the world during the late 80s and through the 90s. His outgoing personality and do-anything attitude made him a mentor to countless other pros and everyday riders—his passion for snowboarding is second to no one’s.

But passion alone doesn’t make someone World Champion from 1993—95—the first World Champion recognized by a unified global sanctioning body, the ISF. Kevin had the skills to pay the bills, and his competitive achievements are still impressive today. During a time when the best riders were the ones who could shred everything, “Revvin’ Kevin” racked up titles like a romance novelist. Whether in the halfpipe (Kevin was the first rider to dethrone Kidwell in 1988), on the racecourse (he topped the U.S. Open Super-G field by over two seconds in 1992), or even in the moguls, Kevin could beat out the biggest names in the business—and he always did it with trademark flair.

The Hall of Fame, housed within the Vail Ski Museum in Vail, Colorado, recognized Kevin in two categories: athlete and snowsports builder. Aside from talent beyond belief, Kevin is one of few champions to give back to the sport: he went on to run the Delaney Adult Snowboard Camps, where he and his younger brother Brian turned thousands on to snowboarding. Kevin was also instrumental in opening the door for snowboarders at ski resorts like Eldora and Telluride (where he ran the snowboard program from 1986—89). He changed the collective mind of the ski industry over and over, and helped a fledging culture gain acceptance. Most recently, upon his induction, the Colorado Ski Hall of Fame changed its name to include snowboarding: it’s now more appropriately named The Colorado Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame.

This season, look for Kevin at snowboard events like the Grand Prix, where he’ll be doing television commentary. He may be on the other side of the mic these days, but don’t get too cocky, kids—ol’ Revvin’ might strap in and school you!

Thanks, Kevin—I learned a lot from you.Kurt Hoy


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“Snowboarding was an incredible blessing in my life.”Kevin Delaney

Kevin’s Colorado Snowboard Hall Of Fame: Top Five

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