Vans Triple Crown Schedule

Santa Fe Springs, CA — Vans Inc., the premier SouthernCalifornia-based Core Sportsà'"¢ and lifestyle brand, has announced theofficial dates and locations of the 1999/00 Vans Triple Crown ofSnowboarding.

The three-event tour begins December 3-5 with the Mountain Dew Classicin Breckenridge, Colorado. The second stop, the Vans Championships,takes place at Mount Seymour, British Columbia, Canada on January 14-16,and on February 25-27, the tour culminates at the Ford North AmericanChampionships held at Sierra at Tahoe, California.

In addition to a total prize purse of $375,000, this year’s cumulativepoints winner from the Vans Triple Crown Series will win a brand newFord Ranger for their efforts. A special points system will equalizethe points earned from each discipline and at the completion of the FordNorth American Championships, a winner will be announced. Each stop ofthe Vans Triple Crown of Snowboarding is an ‘open event’, allowing allprofessional riders the opportunity to compete in the series, and willfeature multiple disciplines including big-air, snowboard-cross, andhalfpipe.

Each stop of the Vans Triple Crown Series will receive a dedicatedone-hour show, airing at least three times on the ESPN networks in over180 countries to over 200 million households worldwide. In addition, ahalf-hour compilation show featuring the ‘Best of the Triple Crown ofSnowboarding’ will include series highlights, airing in the samedistribution channels.

The Vans Triple Crown of Snowboarding continues Vans’ history ofsupporting professional snowboarding, including title sponsorship of the1997 ISF World Championships, the 1998 ISF Masters World Cup, and theUnited States Amateur Snowboarding Association (U.S.A.S.A.). Inaddition, Vans commitment to snowboarding is also seen through its mostrecent acquisition, the High Cascade Snowboard Camp, where professionaland amateur snowboarders alike travel to during the summer in order totrain from a staff of experts.

Sponsors of the 1999/00 Vans Triple Crown of Snowboarding includeMountain Dew, Ford, G-Shock, PlayStation, Rolling Stone Magazine, and TransworldSnowboarding Magazine.