Vans Triple Crown Big Air

The Vans Triple Crown Big Air finals was ushered in with blue skies leaving the nightmare of an overcast, snowy practice day to distant memory.

Although the women’s field included only nine riders that nine consisted of some of the best in the industry. Kim Bonsack did what was probably the biggest 180 grab I have ever seen, finishing in second place, and Tara Dakidas did her textbook backflip melon to take home the cash.

Both the mens and womens field kept the ski patrol busy today with more than a few injuries darkening the finals rounds. Most riders who hit this jump did not walk away altogether unscathed.

As the mens round began the sun began to lower and the light on the landing hill became flatter making a stomped landing just that much more difficult. With many impressive tricks being thrown it became more evident that the riders able to land on their feet would be the same riders leaving with paychecks.

Josh Dirksen would take first with a backside 900 grab, Nic Drago a virtual unknown Breckenridge local would STOMP a switch rodeo five for second, and Jussi Okasanen would take third with a switch backside seven.

It was rumored that Jussi actually borrowed a bib from a friend who dropped out of the contest yesterday after being told at registration that the field was full. Apparently after officials listed the unnamed other riders name on the finals board all day yesterday they figured out who Jussi really was and deemed him worthy to jump today. Just goes to show where there is a will there is a way. Congratulations to all the individuals crazy or kooky enough to huck themselves for our entertainment and a chance at $10,000 in prize money!!! Tune in tomorrow for Halfpipe and check out below if you are interested in the final Big Air results.

1. Tara Dakidas 31.8
2. Kim Bonsack 26.3
3. Erin McManus 21.1
4. Leah Wagner 17.9
5. Carolyn Kunkel 16.4
6. Barrett Christy 14.8
7. Star of Peace Quinn 13.8
8. Tomoko Yamakoshi 11.2
9. Allison Kraft 6.5

1. Josh Dirksen 34.3
2. Nicolo Drago 32.
3. Jussi Oksanen 30.2
4. Tero Ainone 29.4
5. Zachary Diamond 28.1
6. Jesse Burtner 27.2
7. Nicholas Matte 27.
8. Josh Smith 26.
9. Chad Otterstrom 25.1
10. Ben Buchanan 24.5
11. JF Pelchat 24.4
12. Stephan Babler 23.1
13. Doran Laybourn 23.1
14. Ryan Lougee 19.6
15. Neil Goss 18.9
16. Kurt Wastell 18.1
17. Christophe Coulter 15.9
18. Joel Mahaffey 15.4
19. Mark Reilly 15.3
20. Marc-Andre Tarte 10.7
21. Rahm Klampert 9.6