Vail Resorts, Inc is in the process of acquiring Whistler/Blackcomb Resort, and though rumors of this potential merger swirled about, the official news shocked many.

Thus far, the only set details born from this coupling are that Whistler/Blackcomb season passes will remain effective as sold for the 2016-2017 season, and Whistler/Blackcomb will still be a part of the Mountain Collective for this season. For the 2017-2018 season, it’s purported Whistler will join Vail's Epic Pass. Other than that, it's hard to say just exactly how this will all shake out.

This divisive topic got many of our followers, friends, and pros talking and they voiced their opinions on our social media channels. Here’s a few interesting reactions that both oppose and support the merger.

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Facebook Comments:

Rob Katnich: That sucks. Every Vail Resort here in Colorado is over crowded and over priced. I didn’t renew my epic pass for 16/17. For now I’m done with Vail Resorts. I bet a 1 day lift ticket will be between $180-$200.

Robert Vaughn Harris: What’s so bad about vail? Serious question. Whistler is already a built up self sustaining expensive ass village. It’s not like it’s a “secret” local mountain or anything.

Hana Beaman: Wow. Didn’t see that coming… this should be interesting.

Jeremiah Paquette: Another reason for me to finally visit.

Tyler Nies: It’s like real life Out Cold

Jackson Hightower: I used to work for Vail, fuck them and their corporate bullshit

John Saiz This shit is cracking me up with all the heads talking shit. Vail resorts does suck as a company, but their mountains are prime. I’ve always paid a lot of money for season passes and they pay themselves off every season in the first couple weeks. Keep crying or go ride.

Brendan Browne: Lots of people bashing Vail for doing what all successful businesses do. Lots of people bitching because they got minimum wage as a liftie and that’s Vail’s fault, not your government, right?

Ryan Farrington: Seriously hoping this doesn’t drive Canadians to ski Baker.

Spenser Levad: Vail can suck my left testical

Mike Schmidt: What’s the deal with everyone bashing on Vail? The Epic local pass here in Utah is the cheapest season pass of all the resorts near SLC.

Andrew Christopher: Wow wtf? Canadian staple and icon with a peice of shit coward american management; fuck off ill take my business elswhere u cunts

Dave Chambers: Another great Canadian sellout…

Daniel Peter Stark: I work for Vail, its not that bad. No one joined this industry to get rich right? I think it’s crazy that this is how far this industry has come that a property can sell for this kind of money.

John Myllynen: Well I guess it’s time to get a sled!

Tyler Potratz: That is pretty interesting. Probably won’t… but hopefully their lift tickets will go down as a result of this. We need to go to Whistler/Blackcomb