Vail Gets New Rails

Steeling the show – Vail continues it’s commitment to snowboarders with the addition of a complete jib park.

Terrain Park Manager, Stephen Laterra, worked with local riders/welders Ryan Hobart and Pete Dillion to construct new features for the upper and middle sections of the Golden Peak Snowboard Park.

A total of 4 new rails were introduced into the jib section of the park: one 16′ kink to 16′ down rail, one 30′ straight rails and two 22′ straight rails. In addition are two “fun boxes” (one which sits atop the wall Superpipe) complete with steel coping and slick tops.

The new rails offer fun options for riders of all levels. Local rider and pro competitor, Rachel Nelson said, “They’re small enough to learn new stuff on…you can work your way up to the bigger ones.” Austin Carpenter, a 10 year old visiting from Kansas, thought the Superpipe was “a little scary” but was having “a blast” practicing on the smaller of the new rails. Local pro, Rob Bak, said “Stephen did an awesome job. The shape and size of our new kinked rail is manageable and there’s plenty of stuff for the beginner riders to practice on.”

The jib park sits just below a section of jumps located below the Superpipe. Entry is through a fenced area that is separated from the adjacent main run by a glade of trees. Riders can use the rails and then take an easy hassle-free hike in the protected area back to the beginning. Below the jib park area is a continuation of jumps and spines that put you back at the bottom of the Riva Bahn lift where you can be back at the top of the Superpipe in about 6 minutes.

Plans for one more “mac daddy” rail are in development and will hopefully be unveiled in time for spring. Right around the corner…