Völkl’s Team Tour Rolling Through US (New Video)

Click here for the Völkl Team Tour Quicktime tour video Issue 1.

Like every year, the international snowboard circus took off to the US following the ISPO in February: first of all, because there are a lot of American contests and events and second of all, because it really dumps there in March and April…

For the Völkl Team that’s reason enough to fly across the “big pond” and to hope for better conditions there than the weather gods have blessed us with in Europe this year. Instead of sending the all riders on their own, it was decided they should go on a five week trip together – on the lookout for the best parks, steepest powder lines, and longest rails.

In order to stay as flexible as possible, we decided to rent a “snail house” (anyone who’s ever tried steering a 30 ft./10m long motorhome understands this expression).

So that’s how it came to be that the greater part of the International Team finds itself on a road trip across America. For all those who don’t have the time or money to follow them themselves, we’ve set up a homepage where we can be “followed” step by step.

Cameraman Chriscam Halasz is responsible for the pictures. The stories are by team riders Alex Schmaltz (Germany), Chris Kröll (Austria), Peter Molin (Norway), Ricky Bower (USA), Michi Weinländer (Austria), Kim Stacey (USA), Jens Anselstetter (Germany), Nando Plötzeneder (Austria), Magnus Sterner (Sweden), and Rudi Kröll (Austria). Big Shoutout to Fred Sterner, who broke his arm and can’t join the team.

Driving, troubleshooting, and team coaching by Leonhard “Poidl” Gruber.