USASA Scholarship Now The Chuck Allen Scholarship Award

(South Lake Tahoe, CA 3/2/11) The United States of America Snowboard Association (USASA) is renaming its annual scholarship program “The Chuck Allen Scholarship Award.” Our Founder and dear friend, Chuck Allen, passed away Feb. 14, 2011 so to honor Chuck and his dedication to the USASA and the sport of snowboarding, the USASA and Chuck’s family will proudly remember Chuck through the USASA Chuck Allen Scholarship Award.

Each year USASA members who qualify for the National Championships can apply for The Chuck Allen Scholarship by completing the application requirements. The applicants are evaluated for various criteria including transcripts, letters of recommendation, and snowboarding results. The scholarships awarded can range from $75.00 to $425.00 and can be used for any accredited school or institute of learning, coaching program or snowboard/ski camp.

At the 2010 USASA National Championships, the USASA scholarship program awarded scholarships totaling $15,000 to 77 USASA members. The week of snowboard and freeski competitions and festivities attracted over 1,500 riders between the ages of 3 to 66, from 32 Regional Series across the country, specializing in a variety of snowboard and freeski disciplines. The 2011 USASA National Championships will again be held at Copper Mountain, CO on April 3-12, 2011.

“The Chuck Allen Scholarship Award will be a highlight of the 2011 USASA National Championships” said Jason Toutolmin, USASA Executive Director. “We recognize the importance of supporting the academic aspect of a child’s development as did our founder, Chuck. The USASA members are typically well-rounded individuals, have good grades and are excellent athletes. Members of USASA not only have fun and meet new friends; they build confidence and develop self-esteem through participation. The Chuck Allen Scholarship Award is one way we support educational development.”

The Chuck Allen Scholarship Award is made possible by the support and participation of our industry partners, including Windell’s Camp and TransWorld SNOWboarding. The financial commitment made to USASA by these and other partners will support the education and dreams of future generations of snowboarders and freeskiers. Donations are 100% tax deductible and may be made by contacting Linda “Zippy” Neil at

How to Apply for the Chuck Allen Scholarship Award

All Nationals invited competitors may apply for the scholarship by logging on to the USASA website, , click on the events tab and then to the Nationals 2011 tab. You will find the scholarship tab within our Nationals 2011 webpage, which includes all the information necessary to apply for the Chuck Allen Scholarship Award.


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