USASA Nationals Held At Angel Fire

TRUCKEE, Calif. (March 22, 2004)—Today, more than 1,200 snowboard enthusiasts from coast to coast will arrive at Angel Fire Resort in New Mexico to compete in a week of snowboard competitions and festivities at the 14th Annual United States of America Snowboard Association National Championship. After qualifying in one of 36 USASA Regional Series, snowboarders and freestyle skiers are invited to compete March 21-28, in five primary USASA National Championship events; Alpine GS, Alpine Slalom, Freestyle Halfpipe, Freestyle Slopestyle and SnowBoardercross. The USASA riders between the ages of 4 and 74 compete in 32 divisions have an opportunity to win more than 840 medals. In addition, $15,000 in scholarship money will be awarded to USASA National Championship participants who applied and qualified for a portion of the fund.

“The USASA National Championship attracts the top riders from the United States,” said Tom Collins, USASA Executive Director. “Ross Baker, Ben Jacobellis, and Jamie Anderson are some of the top U.S. riders to watch. These riders have grown up with USASA and now compete with the best riders in the world. USASA has provided the fundamental snowboard techniques required to compete at an international level.”

The 2004 USASA National Championship has attracted a solid field of competitors including; 2006 Olympic hopefuls, X Games competitors, Van’s Triple Crown participants, Philips U.S. Open champions, Trofeo Topolino Trophy winners, USASA National Championship title winners and other world-class event participants.

The 2004 USASA National Championship highlights can be seen from 3:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Friday, April 30th on FOX Sports Net nationwide.

The USASA National Championship is the world’s largest snowboarding event and is the grand finale of the more than 450 USASA local, regional, national and international events organized by the 36 USASA Regional Series volunteers.

“The USASA volunteers are an important aspect of developing the snowboard ability in the United States,” said Tom Collins, USASA Executive Director. “Each year, the 36 USASA Regional Series Directors assist in supporting the continued improvement level of performance of the competitors. The local events prepare the riders for local, regional, national and international snowboard competitions.”

USASA events and programs are successful because of the dedication, support and participation of the competitors, their families, sponsors, USASA volunteers and more than 200 U.S. resorts. The 2004 USASA National Championship was made possible through the support of Angel Fire Resort, Garnier, New Mexico Tourism Department, Transworld Snowboarding Magazine, Campbell’s Soup In Hand, Wahoo’s Fish Taco, DaKine, Smith, Ride, Ricola, Quicksilver, Nikita, Marker, SWIX, Banana Boat, Cold As Ice, Velvet, Stomp, Wigwam, Clucky, OGIO and Poorboy Wax.

To learn more about becoming a USASA member, the 2004 USASA National Championship or to view the current local event schedule visit or call 800-404-9213. See the USASA Web site for the schedule.

United States of America Snowboard Association is dedicated to supporting recreational and competitive snowboarding and freestyle skiing within 36 regional series throughout the United States of America. Since 1988, USASA has fostered the competitive spirit of snowboard athletes and developed a solid grassroots organization that allows men and women, and boys and girls of all ages and abilities to participate in over 400 organized snowboard events that qualify for national and international competition. USASA Trainers supports educational programs throughout the year and organizes snowboard clinics hosted at various resorts in the U.S. These clinics serve as training for instructors, coaches, judges and technical supervisors to help provide Fair, Safe, and Fun events.