USASA and IJC Sign Agreement

The United States Amateur Snowboard Association (USASA) and the International Judges Commission (IJC) have signed an agreement that formalizes the outstanding working relationship that the two organizations have held in the past years. The two part agreement allows the worlds most experienced and trained judges to lead the educational and training component for the USASA by running regional and national level judges clinics in conjunction with the already well received and established IJC Pro level clinic that is held annually in July at either Mt. Hood or Whistler. The second part of the agreement is the signing of the IJC judges to the new USASA sanctioned Pro Tour and the agreement of a base pay level for the IJC judges.

The IJC has a strong connection with the USASA as many of its highest level Pro III international judges have had their judging start with the many regional events sponsored by USASA and have gone on to judge the best competitions in the world. In being responsible for the education and training, the IJC brings to the USASA a group of snowboarders dedicated to the passion of riding and the fair evaluation of competitions. IJC member Mike Chantry who is also the USASA Judge Director will sit on the board of the USASA and Greg Johnson who is the IJC Worldwide Development Coordinator will sit on the ISF Technical Commission to insure the advancement of rules and formats to keep the sport of freestyle snowboarding progressing.

With the signing the IJC also solidifies the judges education and training in North America as the major snowboard organizations the USASA and Unites States Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA) as well as the Canadian Snowboard Federation (CSF) having agreed to allow the IJC to be the exclusive educational partner in training snowboard judges. This assures a strong continuity in North America as well as worldwide in the education and training of snowboard judges as well as gaining access for the USSA and USASA to the latest in judging systems and formats.

The International Judges Commission is a non-profit organization with its only function that of snowboard judging education and training. The IJC has over 120 members world wide that have achieved Pro level status, many who have judged all the major competions in the world. The IJC is the premier organization for freestyle snowboard education and gives clinics in North America, Europe and Japan. To find out more, please visit the IJC website at