US Urges Helmets Use

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) on Thursday urged millions of skiers and snowboarders hitting the slopes this season to wear helmets to prevent head injuries.

The agency estimated that more than 7,000 of a total of 16,000 head injuries associated with skiing and snowboarding each year could be prevented or mitigated through use of a helmet.

“These injuries are devastating. Simply strapping on a helmet before hitting the slopes can save your life. Just as bicyclists do, skiers and snowboarders should get the helmet habit,” said CPSC Chairman Ann Brown.

The agency urges skiers and snowboarders to be certain that their bindings and boots fit properly; never ski or snowboard alone; and wear close-fitting clothing, since loose clothing could become entangled in lifts, tow ropes and ski poles.