US Snowboarding Project Gold Team

PARK CITY, Utah (June 5) – Each spring, U.S. Snowboarding invites a number of young riders to join the Project Gold Team for a special weeklong camp at Windells on Oregon’s Mt. Hood. The camp, which will host 25 riders this month, is designed to identify and develop some of the best riders in the country.

“The amount of young talented riders is growing exponentially,” said Halfpipe Head Coach Mike Jankowski, who runs the camp along with Assistant Coach Rick Bower. “That’s a reflection of good clubs, good parents and good coaches, who continue to help moves these kids along.”

It’s also a reflection of a growing number of solid competition series like the Chevrolet Revolution Tour and competitions within the United States of America Snowboard Association (USASA), both built on the progression of young riders. According to U.S. Snowboarding Program Manager Abbi Nyberg, Project Gold riders are selected based on outstanding results from the Revolution Tour, USASA National Championships, the US Open and Chevrolet U.S. Snowboard Grand Prix.

Those invited include Revolution Tour halfpipe champions Brooke Shaw (Stratton, VT) and Matt Ladley (Steamboat Springs, CO), USASA Open Class champion Elizabeth Beerman (Weston, VT) and Broc Waring (Edwards, CO), who has dominated the Copper Mountain USASA series in Colorado.

“Getting invited to Project Gold is like hitting a benchmark in your riding,” added Jankowski. “They’ve all worked really hard to get here and we’d like to see their progression continue to Grand Prix podiums and eventually medals at the Olympics. As coaches, this is huge for Rick and me to get a chance to work with such a great group of young riders.”

Notable talent to come through the Project Gold program include 2006 Olympic gold medalist Hannah Teter (Belmont, VT) and older brother Elijah, a five-year U.S. Snowboarding veteran, ’07 Grand Prix runner-up Louie Vito (Bellefontaine, OH), plus U.S. Snowboarding Rookie Team riders Ladley, Ellery Hollingsworth (Stratton, VT) and Dylan Bidez (Minturn, CO), who will be back for another year at the camp.

“A number of these riders we’ve had the opportunity to work with before, which is great, but some of them we’ve only seen at competitions,” said Jankowski, “so this gives us a chance to help keep these riders moving through the pipeline. We want to see these riders make the jump to the Rookie Team and beyond – it’s a good program.”

The camp runs June 16-23 at Windells and concludes with the final stop of the 2007 Chevrolet Revolution Tour featuring halfpipe on Thursday June 21, followed by slopestyle on Friday, June 22. Registration is still open at

2007-08 U.S. Snowboarding Project Gold Team (birthdate; hometown)


Tyler Anderson (3/9/89; Chanhassen, MN)
Ross Baker (8/1/90; Reno, NV)
Dylan Bidez (9/11/90; Minturn, CO)
Jake Black (5/24/88; Dillon, CO)
Zach Black (8/1/90; Dillon, CO)
Greg Bretz (12/19/90; Mammoth Lakes, CA)
Drew Brighton (9/29/88; Park City, UT)
Brett Esser (10/12/92; Dubuque, IA)
Nick Fuca (6/2/89; Park City, UT)
Tim Humphreys (12/14/87; Basking Ridge, NJ)
Trevor Jacob (8/6/93; Mammoth Lakes, CA)
Matt Ladley (5/17/91; Steamboat Springs, CO)
Spencer Shaw (1/29/93; Stratton, VT)
Brennen Swanson (3/13/90; Stillwater, MN)
Tyler Troy (3/19/90; Weston, CT)
Chris Waker (11/20/88; Manchester Center, VT)
Ben Watts (9/6/93; Bend, OR)
Broc Waring (6/3/92; Edwards, CO)


Elizabeth Beerman (7/18/91; Weston, VT)
Kaitlyn Farrington (12/18/89; Bellevue, ID)
Ellen Feldman (5/1/90; Avon, CO)
Eliza Greene (1/6/89; Chester, VT)
Ellery Hollingsworth (9/2/91; Stratton, VT)
Brooke Shaw (5/12/91; Stratton, VT)
Katie Williams (5/22/89; Bend, OR)