UO Rail Jam

EUGENE, Ore. — The UO Snowboard Club will be hosting the first annual UO Rail Jam, a ski and snowboard competition that will include 55 cubic yards of snow covering the ‘Humpy Lumpy’ Lawn on the UO campus Thursday, May 24, 2007, from 3-7 p.m.The UO Snowboard Club is working hand-in-hand with Galvanic Design as part of the Collegiate Rail Jam Tour, as well as the UO American Marketing Association, who is working with the club to promote the event to UO students and potential sponsors. The spring 2007 Collegiate Rail Jam Tour also included California State University, Chico on April 14 and Oregon State University on May 17.

The UO Rail Jam will include music, prizes and free give-aways of products from sponsors, as well as extreme snowboarding with more than 60 professional and regional riders, some of whom are industry-sponsored professionals. Featured riders include Corey Noble and Sammy Carlson.

Corey has competed in the Icer Air 2006 San Francisco Big-Air Ski and Snowboard Competition, Planet Earth’s Shop Wars, in addition to many other events. Corey is an up and coming name in snowboarding and is an Oregon local from Mt. Hood.

Sammy has competed in the Winter X games and the US Freeskiing Open in such events as Big Air and Slopestyle, which is his favorite event. In November of 2006, Sammy won his first big competition when he competed in the Big Air contest for freeskiers – “Peak Perfomance King of Style” at the historic Olympic Arena Stockholm Stadion in Stockholm, Sweden. 24 skiers challenged the monster jump and Carlson won with a “Switch 1080.” He is equally versed on both rails and jumps and in 2005, placed 4th at the Gravity Games slopestyle and 5th at the World Skiing Invitational slopestyle-two of the biggest comps of the year. 2005 was Carlson’s break out season as he also became a household name with impressive film segments in both Poor Boyz Productions War, and Kris Ostness’ TeddyBear Crisis.The UO Rail Jam will be emceed by Oregon’s own Scotty “the Body Conerly. Scotty “The Body” is a new up and coming event host who’s appeared at a string of snowboard contests throughout 2006 and 2007 including the Mountain dew tour rail jam, Grand prix series, Abominable Snow Jam, Airblaster’s Board Games, NYC Union Square Street Sessions, The ICER AIR, Vegetate, Bonfire Pipe to Pipe, The Revolution Tour and the Coupe de Shred. Scotty has also hosted TV shows on fox sports, fuel, fusion, an snowvision.com. Scotty’s presence at the UO Rail Jam is sure to draw some presence from larger media and sponsors that otherwise may go unnoticed.

The UO Rail Jam will be unlike any other event held on the University of Oregon campus because of the unique blend of competition and entertainment in a location that would otherwise never see snow. There is an expected spectator turnout of approximately 5,000 students and University faculty. It is the only event of its kind held on the University of Oregon campus, and is expected to receive extensive media coverage.

The purpose of the event is to provide exposure to University students for the UO Snowboard Club and its partner, the UO American Marketing Association. The UO Snowboarding Club is quickly becoming a leading competitive force among the nation’s top snowboarding teams. They will be leveraging the UO Rail Jam to pursue this aim and recruit more top riders to their cause. Together these two student groups are working to put together a fun, exclusive event that promises to deliver an exciting experience to the entire Oregon student body. The UO Rail Jam will take place on the ‘Humpy Lumpy’ Lawn located on Agate St. at 15th Ave.

The UO Snowboard Club is a Club Sports group that provides members with a network of UO students interested in snowboarding. The club offers member-only discounts and transportation to nearby mountains. Members also receive discounts at local snowboard stores like Boardsports and Tactics. In addition to recreational riding, the UO Snowboard Club also competes through both the United States Snowboard Association and the United States Collegiate Snowboard Association. For more information about the UO Snowboard Club please visit:http://www.uoregon.edu/~uosnow/about.html .