On Wednesday, August 1st, President Trump's administration released a new round of proposed tariffs on an additional $200 billion worth of US imports from China. The new list of proposed products face a potential 25% tariff and includes everything from winter hats to gloves and sports bags. While the debate continues to heat up on whether or not a trade war, or proposed tariffs, will ease Chinese relations, a 25% tariff on imported winter gear will assuredly affect the US snow sports industry.

The final decision on this second round of tariffs is set to be determined in early September, and the US Trade Representative has opened the process to public comments until September 5th. As such, our opportunity to reject the second round of tariffs in an effort to lighten the burden on manufacturers, retailers, and ultimately consumers, is now. Here are some of the ways you can take action:

Sign SIA’s (Snowsports Industries of America) letter to the USTR:

SIA has written a letter to the USTR rejecting the proposed tariffs with a deadline to add your signature set at August 15th. You can read the letter and sign your name, here.

Contact your Congressman:

Get in touch with your local Congressman and demand that the proposed tariffs are not acted upon. Make it clear that a 25% tariff on all Chinese manufactured hats, gloves, and bags, will ultimately only hurt the US. Find the contact information for your Congressman, here.

Submit comments directly to the USTR:

The US Trade Representative has opened a public forum to receive feedback on the proposed tariffs and will be accepting comments up until September 5th. You can leave the USTR a message, here.

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