Truckin’ gets schooled

DFS productions takes its latest 16mm film release ‘Truckin’ back to school with an endless tour of premiers at colleges across the U.S. Starting in California and continuing through Arizona, New Mexico and the Midwest, the tour hits over two-dozen colleges.

Also, on Thursday, November 20th ‘Truckin’ will premier at Club Rise in downtown Denver. Club’s opening its doors at 8pm to anyone 18 and up. With a huge product giveaway and located in one of the sickest clubs in Denver, this premier will kick some ass.

‘Truckin’ was released this fall from DFS Productions. Breaking the mold this year with sick riding and a cast of riders including Travis Robison, Chris Coulter, Scotty Lago, Ryne Doppel, Chris Taylor, Nate Murphy and Cooper Hoffmeister among others, ‘Truckin’ is one of the best videos out there. Shot across the world from Sweden to Salt Lake, from Alaska to New York, this video goes off with rails, jumps and everything else that was worthy of filming.

‘Truckin’ is out in stores now. For more info about the premiers including times, dates and locations, go to