New Rippers Help Spread the TREWth

HOOD RIVER, Ore. (August 11, 2009) – TREW is proud to announce its official team members, all of whom will help to spread the TREWth during the 2009/2010 snow season.  On point with the TREW philosophy, the new team members are a well-rounded group of creative, influential and talented rippers who enjoy being on the mountain and doing what they love most.

Finny England. Photo: Blaine Franger

TREW's snowboarders are Finny England, 23, and Ryan Stephens, 25, both of whom are local to TREW's stomping grounds, Hood River, OR.  England hopes to spend the upcoming season shredding and traveling. Stephens counts filming with the Nimbus crew a highlight of his snowboarding career, and is sponsored by Pow Gloves and Never Summer Industries.

Ryan Stephens

Look for the TREW crew sliding on snow during the 2009/2010 season on a mountain near you.
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The true rider rips the mountain everyday, boosts in the park, sends it off cornices and cliffs, floats in the powder, and finds solace in the backcountry.  The true rider keeps the sport in check and grounded to the ideals on which freeriding was founded: fun, powder, and the natural energy of the mountains.  Apparel designed for the true rider isn't made just to attract attention or make a statement, nor does it attempt to measure up to the light-weight, Denali-bound, technical shells of prevalent mountaineering companies. Rather, apparel designed for the true rider fulfills the wide breadth of demands of today's rider, capturing all aspects of mountain riding.  No longer must one rider purchase three different jackets to take him from the backcountry to the park or to the bar.  Trew outerwear combines the technology of mountaineering shells with the comfort necessary for a full day on the mountain.  This marriage of technology and comfort is then infused with a youthful and fun style to create outerwear that is Trewly unique to the industry.  As dedicated riders ourselves, function and performance come first when designing a jacket, but then we asked ourselves: why can't technical outerwear look rad?

Founded in 2008 by Tripp Frey and Chris and John Pew, TREW price points range from $30.00 to $479.00 and will be sold though a network of independent retail shops through out the country.  For more information please visit