TransWorld’s 2005 Resort Guide

TransWorld SNOWboarding’s Resort Guide has over 2,000 places to ride around the globe, a guide to summer riding and results of the resort polls. So grab your board, a TransWorld Resort Guide and get goin’ on the best shred trip of your life!

The Resort Guide is now on the racks at your local stores—It’s the closest thing to a snowboarders bible we know of. Sure, you chimed in and picked the best parks, pipes and overall resorts to ride at—the top 10 to be exact, but it doesn’t end there. We also have the low down on all your possible snowboarding destinations—not from some marketing whiz at the resort, from the riders themselves.

Snowboarding’s top pros have spilled their guts and exposed their local mountains. Tahoe born and raised shredder Robbie Sell, tight panted member of the Neoproto family is just one of the folks who dropped some inside info.

The winners of the resort polls are—oh, you thought we’d buckle that easy? Nope, you need to get up off the computer and peep it yourself. What trails to ride, what park to hit, where to eat, where to get crunk, directions to the spots … shall we hold your hand and tie your boots too?