The World Snowboarding Championships had even more fun in store for everyone as the riders came off the hill. Friday during the contest, TransWorld Snowboarding hosted the first annual Ghetto Games in a booth in Whistler Village.

If you were on top of your game there were loads of prizes from Smith goggles, Rossignol, and TranWorld. Later that afternoon, Sims got the party started right with Dialated Peoples, the Beat Junkies, and MC Supernatural on the stage, while pro riders from the contest were signing autographs in the TransWorld Snowboarding booth.

Option’s Jon Cartwright made about 400 new friends, all of whom wanted to know where his April cover shot was taken (don’t worry locals, Jon wasn’t giving very good directions). Others simply had comments about the size of Jon’s balls compared to the cliff. Quiksilver riders Todd Richards and Danny Kass also hooked up the fans with some graffiti on their posters.

Saturday the games continued at the TransWorld booth with the rigged up ring toss (which consisted of Kokanee beer bottles on a cardboard box) and basketball minus the backboard. More heaps of goodies from Option, Iris, Rossignol and Etnies were the ultimate prizes.

The TransWorld carnies cooked up more mayhem with Bobby Meeks and Travis Parker from K2 not just signing autographs, but drawing up some priceless pieces of art for the lucky ones- most of whom were named butt face and sweet tits. (A note to Bobby: thanks for the poster you signed for the TransWorld carnies, but the foot you traced seems kind of small.) Andrew Crawford joined in on the ghetto games and gave up his signature along with a few tips on mullet grooming. Up next was the ghetto fabulous Marc Frank Montoya serving up some Dub posters and a bling, bling golden autograph.

The noise was just winding down when the Iris posse, J.F. Pelchat, Dionne Delesalle, Paavo Tikkanen, Kale Stephens and Chris Dufficy started gearing folks up for their new video release, “Return of the Lil’ Bastards.” The rest of the evening was spent in awe of Mix Master Mike. We may have seen “The Master” three or four times, firing at all the fun parties that weekend and we’d beat down the door to see him again!

Check up on the TransWorld Snowboarding booth next time for more games, autographs and a grip of prizes.