Transition Mission 2007

Friday February 16. 2007. at Varingskollen, just outside Oslo, the snowshredding elite gathers to battle for the final chance to compete at The Oakley Arctic Challenge less than two weeks later.

24 qualified riders

The Oakley Arctic Challenge 2007 will allow 24 qualified riders to the Quarterpipe contest in Oslo. The Top 10 riders from last years TTR WORLD TOUR RANKING are automatically qualified. In addition to the TTR TOP 10 there will be three qualifiers throughout the world where the top three from each contest are qualified. Two of these have already been held with great success, The O´Neill Evolution in Davos, and The Grand Prix in Breckenridge. Terje, as always, has a handful of jokers on his hands and will invite a few rippers on his wildcard account.


On the 16.02.2007 our third and final qualifier, THE TRANSITION MISSION 2007, takes place outside of Oslo, Norway at Varingskollen. This is an open contest with 60 spots. Top 3 gets to ride the legendary TAC quarterpipe together with the best transition riders in the world. A unique opportunity to display your skills in front of an audience of 4000 at Midtstuen from 26.02.2007-03.03.2007. And millions of TV viewers in 200 countries. Not to mention the chance of going home with huge amounts of hard cash and the mythical Oakley Gold watch.

TAC and the talent

TAC has always worked on getting the young and the restless their chance to step it up and establish their superhero status. Shaun White won his first international contest at The Arctic Challenge, Heikki Sorsa set his still standing world record as a rookie in 2001 and current house-hold names like Fredrik Austbà¸, Luke Mitrani and Mikkel Bang has all been present as mascots.

Last year Henning Marthinsen went from the Trysil qualifier to winning the whole thing in front of Andy Finch and Terje Haakonsen. With 15 000$ in his pocket and the added bonus of going on a freeride/surfing trip with Mr. First Descent himself was not bad for his carrier either.

Your chance of superstardom

This is your chance to go in the footsteps of Shaun White, Heikki Sorsa and Henning Marthinsen and step it up to a professional level. All you need to do, in addition to beating the best in the world, is to register by sending a mail to and also drop by or before 10.02.2007.

The final startlist will be set in cooperation with TAC, Varingskollen Alpinanlegg, Varingskollen Snowboardklubb, NTG Bà¦rum and The Norwegian Snowboard Association who are collaborating on creating the event.