Torstein Horgmo Wins X-Trail Straight Jump

Words and Photos by Mike Lewis

On Sunday afternoon the world's uber-shreds, including Terje Haakonsen, Shaun White, Nicolas Muller, Kevin Pearce, and Chas Guldemond had a date with over 45,000 of their closest fans at the Tokyo Dome. After Saturday's quarterpipe show down, the riders were dialed in for the main event and the maxed out stadium crowd was stirred into a Beatlemania like frenzy.

The quarterpipe was torn down over night to allow an extra 15,000 fans in to watch as Torstein Horgmo claimed the title with switch backside 10's, 12's, and a barrel full of other big, buttery tricks. Piiroinen and White locked in second and third place with their smooth, consistent airs that put them both on the podium for the second time in as many days.

The afternoon got rolling with the Japanese wild card event, and the locals were throwing hammers to represent for the home team. One of the illest moments of the afternoon got the party started when Takahiro Ishida threw down a double underflip, late revert-y thing and deservedly grabbed the contest's "Most Impressive Rider" title and a cool 800,000 yen.

The top four Japanese wild cards advanced to the quarter final with the big guns, that brought the packed dome to its feet at the 6Star TTR event. The format saw 16 riders sessioning the jump until the all-star judge line up whittled the pack down to 8. The top three and Nicolas Muller, who cemented a spot with his first double back in a contest, the second flip of which almost looked like an afterthought with 20 feet of vert to spare after the first, were left standing. It all came down to the best of two runs and Horgmo, Piiroinen, and White were able to haul it in as Muller drug his hand on his second double.

White won the TTR points for the event with his double podium finishes and catapulted into 26th place after his first tour event of the season. Pearce landed in 7th overall, and Horgmo in 3rd, nipping at TTR leader Chas Guldemond's heels.

TTR results after combined results (QP + BA):

1. White   Shaun
2. Piiroinen    Peetu
3. Guldemond Chas
4. Horgmo   Torstein
5. Pearce   Kevin
6. Mattila   Risto
7. Mueller   Nicolas
8. Nakai   Takaharu
9. Haakonsen Terje
10. Toutant    Sebastien