Torstein Horgmo, the 19-year old prodigy from Norway has taken out theannual Stylewars event in Falls Creek Australia.

After three gruelling marathon days of jumping wombat holes and freestyleantics standing sideways on snow... it is over.

Torstein catapulted himself today from 6th position after day 2 to thenumber one spot. He was helped with serious weighting from the ‘rider vote’,which boosted him easily to the title of 2007 ‘Grandmaster’.”I’m so stoked to win, this event doesn’t even feel like a competition it’sbeen amazing, thanks to all the riders for the good times. Let’s party andhave a good time.” Exclaimed Torstein as he walked off the stage with hisbag of loot.

T-Money (as he’s now known down under) not only takes home the 7g cash prizefor overall Stylewars Grandmaster, but also takes home the “one hitter compfor his ninja skills on the biggest jump in competition history with a150-foot frontside 10 or was it the 150-foot switch backside 9 or was it the150-foot backside 540 stale?

Whichever trick it was, T-money bagged 10 g of our funny ozzy plastic cashplus two blinging necklaces -- one gold, one silver!

The final day of riding was limited to the hip and triple jump park line dueto high winds.

A two-hour session went down with the second hour reserved for a ‘stylesession’ where riders were spins were limited to 540 and style was thefocus.

Mitch Allan from Australia was tweaking the be-jesus out of everything whileShayne Pospisil from USA was killing the style session with chicken wingspins. Logan Short of Canada was styling some sweet frontside 9’s andbackside 7’s.

Torstein laid down some tech big runs that included switch backside 9 tofront 10 to backside 7 followed by a noseslide on the huge rainbow.

In the coveted ‘Bledisnow’ (blood on snow) battle between team Australia andteam New Zealand the Kiwi’s looked like smashing the Aussie’s, as they weregoing hard all week. 4 out of their team of five stepped to big tricks onthe huge 120-foot booter but it also meant 3 were injured and couldn’tcontinue riding and accumulating valuable team points for the week. Thismeant the consistency of the Australian team gave the win and they againretain the coveted Garden Gnome. The Oz team all received brand new phonesfrom Motorola.

Torstein’s results here at Stylewars have pushed him from 5th to 2nd in theTTR Wold Tour rankings.Stylewars was a 3-star TTR event.

The final Stylewars top 10:

1. Torstein Horgmo (NOR) -- 2007 Grandmaster
2. Will Jackways (NZE)
3. Robbie Walker (AUS)
4. Toni-Markus Turunen (FIN)
5. Wyatt Caldwell (USA)
6. Shayne Pospisil (USA)
7. Ryan Tiene (AUS)
8. Stef Zeestraten (NZE)
9. Clint Allan (AUS)
10. Roland Morley Brown (NZE)

The after party went off in the hotel bar, DJ Katalyst and MC’s RUCL, HAU(Koolism) and ATOME tore the roof off the place playing tracks from theirnew release album “What’s Happening.

Big Thanks to the Silver Ski Lodge at Falls Creek who put up with 70 crazysnowboarders and music heads for 5 days!

Thanks to all supporters:Oakley, DC, Volvo, Corona, Red Bull, Motorola, Falls Creek, Australia andNew Zealand Snowboarding Magazine.