Torstein isn’t happy right now. PHOTO: Frode Sandbech.

Torstein Horgmo breaks collar bone during Sochi Olympic slopestyle practice

Norway’s Torstein Horgmo hung up on a rail near the top of top of the Sochi Olympic slopestyle course during practice and broke his collarbone. Torstein was taken to hospital and then issued a release through the Norwegian team saying that “Injuries and falls are part of this sport, but the timing is really bad.”

Update: A video of Torstein’s bail has surfaced and it appears that he didn’t hang up on a rail at all but got off axis on this takeoff  causing him to spin out of control. Take a look for yourself.

Torstein’s injury prompted criticism from riders who wanted to see some changes in the course to make it safer. When asked about the course design, Finnish rider Roope Tonteri said “It looks pretty sketchy, the rails are sticky. I think they wanted to make big kickers, and it’s not really good for riders, and it’s not really safe. I just don’t want to get injured. It’s not a really fun course to ride.”


A view from the top of the Sochi 2014 slopestyle course via @sagekotsenburg.

Some riders were also concerned that the jumps were too steep, forcing course builder Anders Forsell and his crew to trim the tops of the jumps and smooth out the transitions. Sage Kotsenburg at least seemed postitive, saying that “It’s what we should be jumping at this level. It’s the Olympics. They need a little bit of work. That’s how it happens. We ride, and after the first day the riders give feedback on the course. Then they work on it.”

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Some of the sticky rails in question at the Sochi slopestyle course. Photo via @chriswitwicki.

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