Top Five Mainstream Moments Of 2010


Moving on up! In 2010, snowboarding made more moves than the mothahlovin’ Jeffersons. The Frends got baked on national television; Johnny Lyall burned through rings of fire; Tim Humphreys GoPro’d his way onto Sportscenter; every snowboarder, media, and just about every person on the planet (except for USA Today’s Christine Brennan) rode for KP; and um, Shaun furred-out …

So here we go -- the five most public and visible mainstream snowboarding moments of 2010.


Top Five Mainstream Moments Of The Year: #5

The Frends Get Baked

Danny and Mason may have been hurt and off their boards a bit this past season, but at least they had mounds and mounds of chemical “pizza” rolls to help pass the time. Their Totino’s commercial landed them on cable TV, and at #5 on our Mainstream Moments list.


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Top Five Mainstream Moment Of The Year: #4

Tim Humphreys Spins Onto Sportscenter

Timmy Jumphreys handles a GoPro better than a 14-year New Hampshire kid does a bottle of Five O’Clock Schnapps. His mesmerizing 3 minutes of Mammoth park footage spiraled all the way up to ESPN2, opening the door for countless POV stars.

Hell yeah, Humpy!


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Top Five Mainstream Moments Of The Year: #3

Johnny Lyall Jumps Through (Olympic) Hoops

Snowboarding took center court at the world’s biggest stage, the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games. Canadian Johnny Lyall stepped up to the challenge, sending an Indy over maybe the sketchiest gap in shred history. His patriotic leap was broadcast live, all over the globe.


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Top Five Mainstream Moments Of The Year: #2

Kevin Pearce Gets Brokaw’d

When Kevin Pearce sustained his tragic head injury last season, our world was turned upside-down. Fear, confusion, and distress were shared by many. But slowly, something very unique began to happen within snowboarding. The community (at times fractured in the past) unified almost overnight, banding together in a way not seen in several years. One of the premiere and most well-liked riders, personalities, and friends (Frends) throughout every corner of snowboarding, Kevin’s devastating fall affected us all in a personal, professional, and close-to-home, very human way. Coming together, we would all now Ride 4 Kevin.

KP has progressed brilliantly. He woke up, and he can see. He remembers, and he moves on his own. Just a few weeks ago, he was even at the Dew Tour in Breckenridge, sitting in with the announcers. The smile is back, and the young guy is dedicated to riding his snowboard the same as before. His story is nothing short of inspiring, and we can’t wait to see what will come next.

The #4 mainstream moment of the year: Kevin Pearce sits down with famed journalist Tom Brokaw to discuss his injury, recovery, and what the future will hold.


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Top Five Mainstream Moments Of The Year: #1

Shaun White Gets Furry With Foxtails

No Debate Here.

Shaun’s chest-bearing outfit at the MTV Movie Awards pretty much knocked us flat on our asses.

Miss your audition for The Warriors sequel, bud? Rob your great aunt’s jewelry cabinet?
Wait a second … Is that a Foxtail hanging from your belt??

Furry? Teen Wolves? We’re a bit speechless on this one …


"You can hate me now, but I won't stop now... Money is power! I got millions of thugs on salary, b--ch!" -- Diddy // Hate Me Now

Well, there you have it. The #1 Mainstream Moment Of 2010.

The Lamborghini-driving, Gold Medal-winning, P.Diddy-friending, hot-as-hell girlfriend-having, double Rolling Stone cover-posing, video game-hosting, multi-millionaire snowboard prodigy, and his foxtail.