Tommy Czeschin Wins Final Pipe Event and Grand Prix Title

O’Neill Team rider Tommy Czeschin finished hisamazingly consistent Grand Prix season in style by winning the final halfhalfpipe event at Tamarack Resort, Idaho. Czechin’s win earned him$14,000, the 2007 Chevrolet U.S. Snowboard Grand Prix title, and a newChevrolet truck given to the Grand Prix Overall Champion.

“I wasn’t expecting this, so it’s pretty awesome,” said Czeschin, who wasthird at both the Breckenridge and Mt. Bachelor Grand Prix’s. “I tied forthe overall title in ’05 with Ross Powers, so this feels good. I won atruck and $14,000 for first today, you do the math on that one, but it’s alot. It’s a good day for sure.”

As one of the first riders to consistently stomp 1080s, Czeschin, a memberof the 2002 Olympic Team, has been a solid example of snowboardingprogression. With a second run score of 42.8, Czeschin’s winning runincluded a cab 720 nose grab, frontside air, backside air, frontside 900stalefish, backside 540 mute to a cab 720 mute on the 22-foot Tamarack”SuperPipe.”

“Tommy has been on a roll and is working so hard to continue hissnowboarding progression,” said U.S. Snowboarding Head Coach MikeJankowski. “You’ll see some veteran riders plateau at some point in theircareer, but Tommy is the exception to that rule. (Tommy) is a perfectexample for our young riders because he is very professional and when (he)comes to compete, (he) has a plan – that’s why he is constantly on thetop.”

Tommy’s Grand Prix title clinching win at Tamarack Resort will air onVersus Sunday, March 4 at 3 p.m. ET and also on NBC at 2 p.m. on Saturday,March 10.

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